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Agriculture and forestry
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Aekwanakij Co., Ltd.

Kerry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Pithan Palm Patana Co., Ltd.

Kerry-Glory Flour Mills Co., Ltd.

Thai Product Development Co., Ltd.

Thai Food Ltd.

Trang Latex Co., Ltd.

Ajinomoto Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Ameritech Rice Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Green Co., Ltd.

International Environmental Management Co., Ltd. (IEM)

A-Z Consultants & Corp., Ltd.

Specialty Natural Products Co., Ltd.

World Grain Co., Ltd.

Penta Impex Co., Ltd.

King Molling Co., Ltd.

Mongkholsombat (M.B.Fresh.) Co., Ltd.

Alpine Trading Co., Ltd.

World Plant Center Co., Ltd.

Nanapan Agri-Industrial Co., Ltd.

Trang Palm Oil Industry Co., Ltd.

Thai Quality Grain Co., Ltd.

Thai Hoe Co., Ltd.

K.P.S. Inspection Co., Ltd.

Kitti Rice Trading Co., Ltd.

Siam First Rice Ltd.

Great Polymer Co., Ltd.

Chaiyaporn Co., Ltd.

Ruam Thoon Thai Co., Ltd.

Vudhichai Produce Co., Ltd.

Chaiprasit Agricultural Co., Ltd.

International Trading Development Corp., Ltd.

Amanah Superintendence Corporation Co., Ltd.

Amarin Asia Trading Co., Ltd.

Asia Golden Rice Co., Ltd. (Office)

Sinudom Surin (1990) Co., Ltd.

Sahachai Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Aurora Rice Co., Ltd.

Asian Peninsula Corporation Ltd.

K.T. Intermolas Co., Ltd.

P.T. Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.

Chef's Choice Foods Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Pacific Fruits & Flowers Ltd.

Cal Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Sayan Honey Farm Co., Ltd.

S.T. Ggrain Co., Ltd.

Charoen Pokphand Seeds Co., Ltd.

Unigrain Marketing (1991) Co., Ltd.

Nutramedica Co., Ltd.

Pure Foods Co., Ltd.

Pan-Asia Superintendence Corporation Ltd.

Champaca Co., Ltd.

S. Kaew Ta Wee Ltd., Part.

Chai Udom Sin Co., Ltd.

Ponglarp Co., Ltd.

Laemthong Agri-Products Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Amornchai Co., Ltd.

The AFM Flower Seed (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

O & P Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Rayong Sugar Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Asia Golden Rice Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Agri-Farm Services Co., Ltd.

Sawanaka Corporation Ltd.

Bangkok Premier Foods Co., Ltd.

Ampol Food Processing Ltd. (Nakornpathom)

Property Care Services (Thailand) Ltd. (PCS)

AG-GRO (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Chin Joo Heng Co., Ltd.

Nutri-Metics International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sahakarn Flour Co., Ltd.

Siam Modified Starch Co., Ltd.

Thaising Tropical Plants Nursery Co., Ltd.

Erawan Food Public Co., Ltd.

Taniyama Siam Co., Ltd. (Office)

Siam Samut Co., Ltd.

Sriviroj Farm Co., Ltd.

Nutraco (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Pioneer Hi-Bred (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Classic Hana Co., Ltd.

Laemthong Corporation Ltd.

Laemthong Agri-Products Co., Ltd.

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