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Central Trading Co., Ltd.

AA Footwear Co., Ltd.

Body Fashion (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

S.C.S. Shoes Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Rain Mart Co., Ltd.

F.C. Intertrade Co., Ltd. (Pratunam Branch)

Raja Uchino Co., Ltd. (Suksawad Factory)

Thanulux Public Co., Ltd.

Thai Wacoal Public Co., Ltd.

Nik Design (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Union Textile Industries Public Co., Ltd.

Body Fashion (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

C.P.G. Garment Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Sinesty Trading Co., Ltd.

Chino Garment Co., Ltd.

New Kenta Co., Ltd.

New Times Ltd.

Sabina Public Co., Ltd.

V.T. Garment Co., Ltd.

Seri Chai Military Co., Ltd.

Banphai Fuangfa Garment Co., Ltd.

Otto International (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Hi-Progress Kitting Co., Ltd.

Hi-Tech Apparel Co., Ltd.

Intimate Fashion Co., Ltd.

Iconnice Co., Ltd.

J.M. Apparel Co., Ltd.

Goodwill Industry Co., Ltd.

Varun International Co., Ltd.

General Sox Co., Ltd.

Kikuya Siam Corporation Ltd.

New City (Bangkok) Public Co., Ltd.

Jongsatit Footwear Co., Ltd.

P.M.A. And Medical Co., Ltd.

Daengsiam (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Come Prima Fashion Garments Co., Ltd.

D.D. Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

D.L.J. Commercial Co., Ltd.

Capital Ying Charoen Textile Co., Ltd.

Chokthanee Co., Ltd.

Universal Apparel Co., Ltd.

Double A Garment Co., Ltd.

Fancy Garment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Fiber Best Co., Ltd.

Four Seas Garment Co., Ltd.

Future Garment Co., Ltd.

Grandeur Garment Co., Ltd.

Elta Co., Ltd.

H. Brothers Holding (Bangkok) Co., Ltd.

Porjai Thai Printer Co., Ltd.

C.S. & C.S. Accessory Co., Ltd.

International Leather Fashion Co., Ltd.

Thong Thai Taxtile Co., Ltd.

Regional Office Of Provincial Waterworks 3 (Ratchaburi)

Nike (Thailand) Ltd.

Dancing Bonzai Co., Ltd.

Thai Sports Garment Co., Ltd.

Dapper General Apparel Co., Ltd.

Watana Footwear Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Action Creative Team (A.C.T.) Co., Ltd.

Homey (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Noriko Co., Ltd.

Classic Lanna Thai Ltd., Part.

Rich International Industrial Co., Ltd.

Thong Thai Textile Co., Ltd.

Pasvic Co., Ltd.

Kito (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Marktrend Co., Ltd.

Muang Thong Mahachai Co., Ltd. (Factory)

S & R Footwear Co., Ltd.

Vista Group Co., Ltd.

R & N Trading Co., Ltd.

Taywin & Podopedist Co., Ltd.

Melabis Export Import Ltd., Part.

Risara International

Mac Parel Co., Ltd.

Grand Knitwear Co.,Ltd

Roj Inter Group Co., Ltd.

S.P. Brother Co., Ltd.

Saha Siamnara Internationnal Co., Ltd.

Rocky Garment Co., Ltd.

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