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Suthee United Carbon Co., Ltd.

Enecom Co., Ltd.

Stabil Co., Ltd.

ABB Limited (Factory)

Gunkul Engineering Co., Ltd.

Yano Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.

Pan International Electronics (Thaland) Co., Ltd.

Precise Corporation Ltd.

Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. (Tuff Tride)

SCI Electric Manufacturer Co., Ltd. (Marketing Office)

Marske Machine (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

The Siam Cement Public Co., Ltd

Hitachi Sales (Thailand) Ltd.

Thai Industrial Part Ltd.

Tungslam Industry Co., Ltd.

Fagor Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.

MIS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Asia Lamp Industry Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Kijpunchai Industry Co., Ltd.

T S A Co., Ltd.

San-Ei (Thailand) Ltd.

B.K.T. Industry Co., Ltd.

Leonics Co., Ltd.

Leonics Co., Ltd.

American Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Souer Co., Ltd.

S.Y.K. Spare Parts Industrial Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Tang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Thai Hitachi Enamel Wire Co., Ltd.

Industrial Electrical Co., Ltd.

Eastern Polymer Industry Co., Ltd.

Thai City Lamps Co., Ltd.

NC Advance Technology Co., Ltd.

Prompt Techno Service Co., Ltd.

Thai Sincere Co., Ltd.

Sang Siam Electric (1977) Co., Ltd.

C.S. International Electronics Co., Ltd.

Auvi Craft Co., Ltd.

The Siam Cement Public Co., Ltd.

S.P. Wires & Cables Co., Ltd.

Thai Energy Conservation Co., Ltd.

Energy Design Concept Co., Ltd.

Advance Electric & Electronic Co., Ltd.

Thai Yazaki Electric Wire Co., Ltd. (Wad Care)

Nissei Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

World Mechanics & Works Co., Ltd.

Green Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.

Practical Flashlight Co., Ltd.

NEC Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.

Udom Pipatmongkol Ltd., Part.

OSRAM (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Berli Jucker Plc.

Robert Bosch Ltd.

NV Battery Ltd., Part.

Siam GS Battery Co., Ltd.

Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.

TSK Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Dynavest (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Industrial Technology Supply Co., Ltd.

BT Midland Co., Ltd.

Siam Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

Ohm Denki (Thailand) Ltd.

Mecomb (Thailand) Ltd.

Thai Arrow Products Co., Ltd. (Bangplee Factory)

GE Lighting (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Tanin Elna Co., Ltd. (Chiang Mai Branch)

Mitsumi (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Great Lamp Co., Ltd.

Demco Public Co., Ltd.

German Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd.

Wichien Dynamic Industry Co., Ltd.

BP Generator Co.,Ltd

Prasert Allied Ltd., Part.

Bangkok Cable Co., Ltd.

Amptron Instruments (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Thai Arrow Products Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Teeya Phaiboon Co., Ltd.

European Safety Concepts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Hi-Q International Co., Ltd.

City's Spark Ltd., Part.

Thai Aichi Denki Co., Ltd.

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