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Bangkok Telecom Co., Ltd. (Prapadaeng Factory II)

Intronics Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

K.V. Electronic Assembly Co., Ltd.

Elcom Research Co., Ltd.

Intronics Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Flexible Automation System Co., Ltd.

Trisak Automation Co., Ltd.

Nissin Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Muramoto Electron (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.

Muramoto Electron (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

City's Spark Ltd., Part.

Kamol Sukosol Electric Co., Ltd.

Nan Mee Co., Ltd.

Metro Systems Corporation Public Co., Ltd.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Team Precision Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Imperial General Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Family Corporation Co., Ltd.

Quality Assembly (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Risk Protection (Thailand) Ltd.

Bluechips Microhouse Co., Ltd.

C.T.T. Group Co., Ltd.

Motorola Solutions (Thailand) Ltd.

I Lab Fluid Control

Siam Research (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Jebsen & Jessen Marketing (Thailand) Ltd.

International Electronics And Defence Co., Ltd.

Everest Textile (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

ABB Limited (Factory)

Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Consumer Products (Thailand) Ltd. (Head Office)

Circuit Industries Co., Ltd.

I.M.E. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Advanced Mechanics Co., Ltd.

Phelps Dodge Thailand Ltd. (Factory)

Bangkok OA Coms Co., Ltd.

Linkworld Electronic (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Diecasting & Injection Co., Ltd.

Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Nokia (Thailand) Ltd.

Seizo Co., Ltd.

Cheval Electronic Enclosures Co., Ltd.

Takacom (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

TDK (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Sales Office)

Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Mizuki Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bando Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Hana Semiconductor (Bangkok) Co., Ltd.

Toyonaga (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Factory)

KCE Electronics Public Co., Ltd.

Siam Teltech Co., Ltd.

S.P. Wires & Cables Co., Ltd.

Sang Siam Electric (1977) Co., Ltd.

T.N. Incorporated Co., Ltd.

Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.

Charoong Thai Wire & Cable Public Co., Ltd.

C.S. Metal Co., Ltd.

Tanin Hi-Tech (1987) Co., Ltd.

ABB Limited

San-Ei (Thailand) Ltd.

K.S. Sons Group Co., Ltd.

Hana Micro Electronics Public Co., Ltd.

BT Siam Ltd.

DDK (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Samart Engineering Co., Ltd.

Pro-Tech Ferrite Co., Ltd.

Thai NJR Co., Ltd.

Thai Sanei Co., Ltd.

Thai Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd.

Thai Toshiba Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

Hayakawa Electronics ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.

Tokyo Coil Engineer (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Shuen Huei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Kang Yong Electric Public Co., Ltd.

S. Pinklao Telecom Electric Co., Ltd.

Loxley Wireless Co., Ltd.

Pioneer Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Rohm Integrated Systems(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Robert Bosch Ltd.

Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.

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