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T.C.K Furniture Co., Ltd.

Srithai Classic Home Co., Ltd.

Diamond Brand Co., Ltd.

Fancy Wood Industries Public Co., Ltd.

Darling Mattress Khonkan Co., Ltd.

Four Star Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

Raja Uchino Co., Ltd. (Suksawad Factory)

Endo Lighting (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.

Thailand Carpet Manufacturing Public Co., Ltd.

Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Bangkok Charoenmit Co., Ltd. (Factory)

T.P.D. Bangkok (1987) Co., Ltd.

Studio 90 Co., Ltd.

Bofa International Co., Ltd.

Eastern Herb Co., Ltd.

Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) Ltd.

Double Star Industry Co., Ltd.

S. Chuchai Furnishing Co., Ltd.

General Starch Ltd.

Eastern Heritage Ltd.

Wood Work Thai Co., Ltd.

Wattana Co., Ltd.

Inca Plastics (Thailand) Ltd.

SS Furnitex Co., Ltd.

M.C. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Exim Business Co., Ltd.

Acme Industry Co., Ltd.

Modernform Group Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

S.P.S. Cooperate Ltd. (Factory)

S.K. Powerable Co., Ltd.

M-One Auto Service Co., Ltd.

S.B. Furniture Industry Co., Ltd.

Rayong Ceramic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

B-Smart Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Napis Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Interface Modernform Co., Ltd.

Hand & Heart Co., Ltd.

Sinsutha Co., Ltd.

Ligman Lighting Co., Ltd.

Furni Thai Co., Ltd.

Shun Thai Co., Ltd.

March Cool Industry Co., Ltd.

Pinkrajai Industry Co., Ltd.

P.G. Furitech Co., Ltd.

Chiangmai Sudaluck Co., Ltd.

Silk Avenue Co., Ltd.

Xhieh Chin Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Picotee International Co., Ltd.

B.P.S. Milcom Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Thaipan Textile Industry Co., Ltd.

Fine Arts Studio (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Rama Fabrics Ltd., Part.

Bathroom Design Co., Ltd.

Siam Household Products (1979) Co., Ltd.

Camping Equipment Ltd., Part.

Kitso Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Press Parts Co., Ltd.

Tellus System Ltd.

The Grand UB Co., Ltd.

Group M Co., Ltd.

Atico International (Thailand) Ltd.

Altex Co., Ltd.

B.P.S. Milcom Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Furnist Industry Co., Ltd.

Bendwood Design Co., Ltd.

Asia Parawood Co., Ltd.

Rockworth Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Modernform Group Public Co., Ltd.

Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Silom Shanghai Furniture & Construction Co., Ltd.

Asian Chemicals & Engineering Co., Ltd. (ACE)

Thai Herrisan Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Index Living Mall Co., Ltd.

Tong Wa Heng Co., Ltd.

Richtek Buro System Co., Ltd.

ACT Leather (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Modern Exhibit Technologies Co., Ltd.

Siam Art Flowers Co., Ltd.

Siam Feather Products Co., Ltd.

Travel Mart Co., Ltd.

Tatsuno Engineering & Service Co., Ltd.

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