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Sri Charoen International Co., Ltd.

Exim Business Co., Ltd.

Acme Industry Co., Ltd.

S.P.S. Cooperate Ltd. (Factory)

Rama Fabrics Ltd., Part.

Fine Arts Studio (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Raja Uchino Co., Ltd. (Chonburi Factory)

President Office Furniture Co., Ltd.

Prachinsataporn Co., Ltd.

Modernform Group Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Wattana Co., Ltd.

Inca Plastics (Thailand) Ltd.

Great Land Corporation Ltd.

Neo Lab International Co., Ltd.

Phatthalung Supply Co., Ltd.

Trang Parawood Co., Ltd.

American Standard B&K (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.

Siam City Cement Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Picnic Plast Industrial Co., Ltd.

Golden S. International Co., Ltd.

Furnia Co., Ltd.

Hitech Wood (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Mitsukura Thai Co., Ltd.

Windows Coverings Co., Ltd.

Pong Sin Woodwork Co., Ltd.

Starmark Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Duro Form Co., Ltd.

Design Alternative Co., Ltd.

Di Com International Co., Ltd.

Hand & Heart Co., Ltd.

U.D. Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Imagefurniture Co., Ltd.

Bendwood Design Co., Ltd.

Grace & Glamour (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

The Grand UB Co., Ltd.

National Furniture Import-Export Co., Ltd.

Xcon Co., Ltd. (Factory 1)

Quik & Sav Systems Co., Ltd.

New Muangthong Furniture (1993) Co., Ltd.

Siam Wooden Products Co., Ltd.

American Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Hafele Design Studio (Phuket)

Thai Teak Furniture Ltd., Part.

Acme Industries Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Thai Union P.U. Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Official Equitment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

InterHides Public Co., Ltd.

Exact Co., Ltd.

Sun Wood Industries Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Gold Bell Furniture Ltd., Part.

Thai Mikimoku Co., Ltd. (Factory)

MDI Home Product Industry Co., Ltd.

S.C. Leather Co., Ltd.

Hospitality Co., Ltd.

Asia Timber Ltd., Part. (Head Office)

Hand & Heart Co., Ltd.

Mekin Furniture Co., Ltd.

Siam Carpets Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Thai Welltex Interproducts Co., Ltd.

Kanok Furniture & Decoration Co., Ltd.

Sumitra Carving Ltd., Part.

Vanacharoen Co., Ltd. (Thai Rosewood Products)

Bencarpet Co., Ltd.

Thai Mikimoku Co., Ltd.

Eastern Heritage Ltd.

Wood Work Thai Co., Ltd.

Assa Abloy (Thailand) Ltd.

General Starch Ltd.

SS Furnitex Co., Ltd.

S. Chuchai Furnishing Co., Ltd.

Trane (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Overseas Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Home Design and Manufacturing Ltd.

Double Star Industry Co., Ltd.

Nakornphan Industry Co., Ltd.

Inpothai Inter Trade Co., Ltd.

Micron Industries Co., Ltd.

Maxfine Co., Ltd.

IMG Asia Co., Ltd.

Flora World Export Co., Ltd.

DK Industry Co., Ltd.

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