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Ocean City General Hospital (The Samutvejakit Co., Ltd.)

Srisawan Hospital (Srisawan Hospital Co., Ltd.)

Astraco (Thailand) Ltd.

Nakharin Hospital (Nakharin Medical Development Co., Ltd.)

Bangkok Hospital Udon

Europ Continents Co., Ltd.

Pharmasant Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Semco Co., Ltd.

Sikarin Public Co., Ltd.

Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Chiang Mai Medical Services Public Co., Ltd.

Mahachai Hospital Public Co., Ltd.

Meaklong 2 Hospital (Meaklong Hospital Co., Ltd.)

Mahachai 2 Hospital

Petcharat Hospital

Dental Hospital Co., Ltd.

Maharat Hospital (Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya)

St. Carlos Medical Spa

BASF (Thai) Ltd.

Dexon Corporation Ltd.

Wattana Co., Ltd.

T.C. Pharma-Chem Co., Ltd.

Sara Lee Coffee & Tea (Thailand) Ltd.

Siam Okamoto Co., Ltd.

M.R.I. Co., Ltd.

Union Rubber Gloves Co., Ltd.

Safeskin Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.

Thaipharmed 1942 Co., Ltd.

Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Rukfun Dental Clinic

K. Cotton & Gauze Co., Ltd. (Factory)

P.P. Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Central Poly Trading Co., Ltd. (Sales Office)

White Group Co., Ltd.

P.R. Chemicals Ltd., Part.

Kasemrad Hospital

Wattana Karnpaet Public Co., Ltd.

Rajavej Chiangmai Hospital

Schumit 1967 Co., Ltd.

Pediatric Society of Thailand

Thistle Corporation Ltd.

Siam Hospital Co., Ltd. (Chockchai 4)

Rachada Medicare Co., Ltd. (Rachada-Tapra Hospital)

F. Fun Clinics Dental

Osotspa Co., Ltd.

Dr. Panya General Hospital

Banphaeo Hospital

Ubonrak Thonburi Hospital (Ubolraksa Co., Ltd.)

Thonburi Hospital 2 Public Co., Ltd.

Thanakarn Hospital (Thanakarn Hospital Co., Ltd.)

Community Medicine Center

Modern Technology Component Co., Ltd.

Thai Onono Public Co., Ltd.

Capsule Products Co., Ltd.

Greater Pharma Ltd., Part.

Unison Laboratories Co., Ltd.

E for L International Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Ranch Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Five Pagodas Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Thanes Development Co., Ltd.

M.E. Meditek Co., Ltd.

Eye Ear Throat Nose Hospital

Deja General Hospital

Chularat 3 Hospital (Chularat Hospital Co., Ltd.) (Head Office)

Lat Krabang Hospital

Johnson & Johnson (Thailand) Ltd. (Medical Products)

Ang Thong Medical Hospital 2

Kaedam Hospital

Vejakarun Rasm Hospital

Thakantho Hospital

Nongsoong Hospital

Plaengyao Hospital

Thanyarak ChiangMai Hospital

Pakchong Memorial Hospital

Palace Hospital

Rattanathibet Medical Center Hospital

Bangkok Hospital - Hat Yai

Samrongthap Hospital

Chainat Hospital

Charttrakarn Hospital

Samchuk Hospital

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