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Cinerent (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bangkok International Stone Co., Ltd.

Ben Line Transport (2001) Co., Ltd.

J.F.B. Co., Ltd.

Sila Prakanong (1992) Co., Ltd.

Big Crane & Equipment Rentals Co., Ltd.

Marske Machine (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sky Exits Co., Ltd.

Big Crane & Equipment Rentals Co., Ltd.

Property Care Services (Thailand) Ltd. (PCS)

Sino-Thai Construction Services Co., Ltd.

Light Source Co., Ltd.

Thai Nishiken Co., Ltd.

Property Care Services (Thailand) Ltd.

Eksawadi Co., Ltd.

Siamlite Film Service Co., Ltd.

The Eyes Co., Ltd.

Ekachai Lighting Co., Ltd.

Ricoh (Thailand) Ltd.

N.C.C. Management & Development Co., Ltd.

Securicor (Thailand) Ltd.

Thai ORIX Leasing Co., Ltd.

SMC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Property Care Services (Thailand) Ltd. (Phuket Branch)

Nam Sang Engineering Co., Ltd.

Summit Computer Co., Ltd.

Hammars Co., Ltd.

Nippon Production Service Co., Ltd.

Studio Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Thai Nishiken Co., Ltd. (Factory)

P. Film & Video Co., Ltd.

ConvenTech Co., Ltd.

Willich Sales & Contracting Co., Ltd.

Watford Control (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Thai Nippon Road Co., Ltd.

U & T Motor Works Co., Ltd.

Ayudhya Development Leasing Co., Ltd.

Vanich Service Co., Ltd.

The Studio Production Co., Ltd.

V&W Engineering Co., Ltd.

Top Shot Co., Ltd.

Communication & More Co., Ltd.

Thai Rent All Co., Ltd.

BC Event Rentals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

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