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Charoensin Tannery Industry Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Chun Wang Brothers Co., Ltd.

Classic Product (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Four Star Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

Thanulux Public Co., Ltd.

Classic Inter Leathers Products Co., Ltd.

Chin Tee Hua Tannery Co., Ltd.

Thai Altec Co., Ltd.

Eastern Herb Co., Ltd.

Unifact Co., Ltd.

Veritex Co., Ltd.

Eastern Heritage Ltd.

Bluelight Industrial Co., Ltd.

Bluelight Industrial Co., Ltd. (Sales Office)

Dapper General Apparel Co., Ltd.

Chiengcom Leather Co., Ltd. (Factory)

K.J. Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Leather Craft & Design Co., Ltd.

Nice & Rich Creation Co., Ltd.

O.C.I. Leather Co., Ltd.

P.C. Tannery Co., Ltd.

S.K.I. Import Export Co., Ltd.

S.F. Leather House Co., Ltd.

Sri Sinn Fah Tannery Co., Ltd.

T.P. Create Co., Ltd.

Taveesin Tannery Co., Ltd.

Siam Brands Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Gogang Guys Co., Ltd.

Inter Glorious Ltd., Part.

Oriental Bag Co., Ltd

Siam Leather Goods Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Atico International (Thailand) Ltd.

Bam Roong Thai Tannery Co., Ltd.

Sang Nakorn Tannery Ltd., Part.

TWT Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Club International Co., Ltd.

J & P Intertrade Co., Ltd.

P.T. Trading Co., Ltd.

Progress Tannery Ltd., Part.

Thaiseree Tannery Ltd., Part.

Prago Industrial Ltd. Part.

World Leather Center Co., Ltd.

Kuru Tannery Ltd.

Chiengcom Leather Co., Ltd.

Dasko Co., Ltd.

Sribhan Jacob Co., Ltd.

T.A.T. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Tang Nam Glass Co., Ltd.

Charoensin Tannery Industry Co., Ltd.

Chai Watana Tannery Group Public Co., Ltd.

OST Oversea Co., Ltd.

Uapaiboon Tannery Ltd., Part.

Tem Phaiboon Tannery Co., Ltd.

Udomsin Leather Co., Ltd.

Tropical Leather Co., Ltd.

Alberto International Co., Ltd.

Divin Societe Anonyme

Fleximate Co., Ltd.

Best Tan Co., Ltd.

Chawalvit Leather Product Co., Ltd.

FM Brush (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Poly Wealth Co., Ltd.

King Foed Thailand Co., Ltd.

Gift Design Co., Ltd.

B.J. Motor Parts Co., Ltd.

Leather Mine Co., Ltd.

Merry Fair Co., Ltd.

Premier Image Leather Co., Ltd.

Star Universal Co., Ltd.

Brain Group Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Thai Tannery Ltd., Part.

Sa Nguan Kit Tannery Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Carbide (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Kongsiri Tannery Co., Ltd.

The Thai Silk Industries Co., Ltd.

Mark Design Group Co.,Ltd

Jacob International Co., Ltd.

G R I (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Bangkok CTV Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Eagle Pack Corporation Co., Ltd.

C.M. Commercial Co., Ltd.

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