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City Sports And Recreation Public Co., Ltd.

Binaric Co., Ltd.

Cinerent (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

World Splendour Holidays Ltd.

Tooten Photography Co., Ltd.

Lake Wood Country Club

Nichigo Resort & Country Club

International Has Quater Co., Ltd.

Cyber Com International Co., Ltd.

The Legacy Golf (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Phuket Fantasea Public Co., Ltd.

Billion Photography Co., Ltd.

Index Associate Co., Ltd.

Keaes Academics Co., Ltd.

Kinokuniya Bookstores (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Sales Office)

Obtimum Management Co., Ltd.

PVA Holding (1999) Co., Ltd.

STG Multimedia Co., Ltd.

SB Realty Co., Ltd.

Lee Wattananan Trading Ltd.

Maison Film & Production Co., Ltd.

Eric's Production Co., Ltd.

Hi Studio Graphic Co., Ltd.

One-O-One Studio Ltd., Part.

Plus Basic Incorporation Co., Ltd.

P & C Productions Co., Ltd.

Open Up Co., Ltd.

Apple Model Management Co., Ltd.

Final Cut Co., Ltd.

Soontorn Film Co., Ltd.

Fitness First (Thailand) Ltd. (The Mall Bangkhae)

Fitness First (Thailand) Ltd. (The Mall Bangkapi)

Goody Film Co., Ltd.

Ban Ing Nam Health Resort & Spa

Image Focus Holding Co., Ltd.

Siam Film Development Co., Ltd.

Uniland Golf and Resort Co., Ltd.

Kantana Animation Studios Co., Ltd

Sky Exits Co., Ltd.

P.S. Photography Co., Ltd.

Total Entertainment Marketing Co., Ltd.

Burapha Golf & Country Club (V-One Golf Co., Ltd.)

Green Leaf Spa

Bangna Tower Club House

Srisang Color Lab

Advanced Photo Systems Ltd.

Big Blue Production Co., Ltd.

Bangpra Golf International Co., Ltd.

Summit Windmill Golf Club

The Grande Spa & Fitness Club (Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit)

Royal Thai Air Force Golf Course (Dhupatemiya)

Santiburi Private Community Country Club

Felix Fitness Center (Arnoma Hotel)

Royal Dusit Golf Course

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

North Park Golf & Sport Club Co., Ltd. (Rajpruek Club)

Health Club (The Pan Pacific Hotel)

Health Club (Imperial Queen's Park Hotel)

Royal Varuna Yacht Club

Profile Beauty Co., Ltd. (Samsara Spa)

DP Studio Co., Ltd.

Mazz Architect Co., Ltd.

The Royal Chiangmai Golf Club Co., Ltd.

Residence & Spa Co., Ltd.

J. Merit Graphic House Co., Ltd.

The Pilatestudio Co., Ltd.

True Fitness Ltd.

Eastbourne Color Group Co., Ltd.

BEC World Public Co., Ltd.

Media Studio Public Co., Ltd.

Phoscine Co., Ltd.

Matching Studio Public Co., Ltd.

Grabity Corporation Co., Ltd. (Global Creation Co., Ltd.)

Image & Montage Co., Ltd.

Create Media Studio Co., Ltd.

Jingle-Bell Co., Ltd.

Deva Production Ltd.

Pacific Intercommunication Co., Ltd.

CM Organizer Public Co., Ltd.

Safari World Public Co., Ltd.

Loch Palm Golf Club

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