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Measuring and testing equipment
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Sunny Valves & Intertrade Corp Ltd.

Siam Scales & Engineering Co., Ltd.

I Lab Fluid Control

ABB Limited (Factory)

Marske Machine (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Thai Meters Co., Ltd.

Bang Trading 1992 Co., Ltd.

Charpa Techcenter Co., Ltd.

Great Impex Co., Ltd.

Saithip Engineering Co., Ltd.

Control Component Co., Ltd.

Thai Maximum Electronic Co., Ltd.

American Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Combustion (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

DHA Siamwalla Ltd. (Factory)

Scientific Promotion Co., Ltd.

Thanes Development Co., Ltd.

Chemical House & Lab Instrument Co., Ltd.

Tong Chang Packing Machine (Thai) Co., Ltd.

New Bangkok Measuring Tape Co., Ltd.

Sang Chai Meter Co., Ltd.

ESRI (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Laemthong Syndicate Co., Ltd.

Trane (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Berli Jucker Plc.

Robert Bosch Ltd.

Industrial Technology Supply Co., Ltd.

Kanit Engineering Corp., Ltd.

The Tanarak Co., Ltd.

Pentel (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Omron Electronics Co., Ltd.

C & C Corporation Ltd.

Mecomb (Thailand) Ltd.

PVN Engineering Co., Ltd.

Endress & Hauser (Thailand) Ltd.

German Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Steel Industry Public Co., Ltd.

Hollywood International Co., Ltd.

Teeya Phaiboon Co., Ltd.

Protechnology Co., Ltd.

Thai Scale Co., Ltd.

DHA Siamwalla Ltd. (Warehouse)

Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) Ltd.

Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.

Larp Viboonkij Ltd., Part.

Atico International (Thailand) Ltd.

Agilent Technologies (Thailand) Ltd.

Compomax Co., Ltd.

WKK (Thailand) Ltd.

TO Scale Industry Co., Ltd.

S.Y.K. Auto Part Import-Export Co., Ltd.

Prominent Fluid Controls (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Tanin Hi-Tech (1987) Co., Ltd.

Mettler-Toledo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sithiporn Associates Co., Ltd.

Bara Laboratory Co., Ltd.

HHK Intertrade Co., Ltd.

H.H.K. Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Steel Industry Public Co., Ltd. (Poochao Factory)

KEW (Thailand) Ltd.

Creatus Corporation Ltd.

United Machinery Co., Ltd.

Wintrade Engineering Co., Ltd.

ABB Limited

Tozen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Philips Electronics (Thailand) Ltd. (Lighting Factory)

Siam Scales & Engineering Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Philips Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.

UHM Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Business Equipment Automation Co., Ltd.

Future Engineering And Trading Co., Ltd.

Watford Control (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Wes Tech Component Co., Ltd.

Precision Control (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

DHA Siamwalla Ltd.

DHA Siamwalla Ltd. (Rojana)

Bruker Biospin AG (Thailand)

Tricon Thai Automation Co., Ltd.

Aerosia Interpac Co., Ltd.

Advanced Mechanics Co., Ltd.

P & A Technology Co., Ltd.

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