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Europ Continents Co., Ltd.

Tien Heng Co., Ltd.

Mungmun Co., Ltd.

Union Technology (2008) Public Co., Ltd.

Thai Hygienic Products Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Janjaras Chem Supply Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Motor Works Co., Ltd.

Thai Sek Son Co., Ltd.

Life Engineering Supply Co., Ltd.

Yoshino Moong Pattana (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

ID Laminate Products Co., Ltd.

German Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd.

Royal Equipment Co., Ltd.

Unamac Co., Ltd.

Rank P.T. O

P P Packaging Co., Ltd.

Quick Pack Pacific Co., Ltd.

Ban Yong Engineering Ltd., Part.

Varin Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sutthiphong Engineering Co., Ltd.

Newton Food Equipment Co., Ltd.

Printpack (Thailand) Ltd.

Thai Maxwell Electric Co., Ltd.

Autopack Co., Ltd.

Thai Film Industries Public Co., Ltd.

FioTec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Instrument Control Co., Ltd. (Sales Office)

Europac Co., Ltd.

Ishida (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Primatech International Co., Ltd.

Better Pack Co., Ltd.

Aerosia Interpac Co., Ltd.

Delmax Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mechanical & Food Process Engineering Co., Ltd.

Rank P.T. O'Connor's Co., Ltd.

Krones (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Material World Co., Ltd.

Thai Film Industries Public Co., Ltd.

Micap Machineries (1986) Ltd.

Showdow Rotapack (1991) Co., Ltd.

Harn Engineering Co., Ltd.

C. Melchers & Co (Thailand) Ltd.

Sripipat Engineering Co., Ltd.

Eufintrade Thailand Co., Ltd.

Greater Pack Co., Ltd.

Kyodo - Allied (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

T.J. Dynamac Co., Ltd. (Factory)

MMP Corporation Ltd.

MMP Corporation Ltd.

Packomatic Co., Ltd.

Mid Asia Resources Ltd.

Watana Bhand Packaging System Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Thai Hygienic Products Co., Ltd.

Chawla Identics Co., Ltd.

Thai Central Mechanics Co., Ltd.

Linapack Co., Ltd., Linapack

Evermore International Co.,Ltd

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