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Unique Industrial Pack Co., Ltd.

Unique Industrial Pack Co., Ltd is the leading kraft paper bags manufacturer in Thailand. The company has been in the packaging business of multi-wall kraft paper bags for over 25 years. With our experience, industry insight and know-how, these give us the capability to provide superior product quality and to satisfy our customer needs. Moreover, our customers rely on us to manufacture their multi-wall paper bags for many of the same reasons – reliability, quality, and customization. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of products including tailored paper bags designed to meet a specific requirement of each customer. Our multi-wall paper bags can be manufactured in a variety of styles including sewn open mouth, square bottom, pasted open mouth and pasted valve giving you the ability to easily pack and save cost. A Multi-wall kraft paper bag is fast becoming an alternative packaging in many industries because of its lightweight, stiffness, strength, high air-permeability, and eco-friendly nature. We have various sources of supply, both domestic and international, allowing us to best satisfy our customers and to use the most suitable material for their usability. We provide our customers heavy-duty bags in various industries such as Tapioca powder, food product, and animal feed and chemicals cement and industrial products, etc.

Supplier of:

  • Paper bags and sacks for packaging
  • Sacks, paper, gusseted
  • Bags, paper, multi-wall, grease resistant...
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