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Precious stoneworking, watchmaking and jewellery
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Charumanee Co., Ltd.

Maharaja Gems Co., Ltd.

Makhni Enterprises Ltd., Part.

Rishu Enterprises Co., Ltd.

General Silver & Gold Ltd.

Marudharintl Co., Ltd.

Marval Gems (Thailand) Ltd.

Marvel Jewelry Co., Ltd.

N.S. Jewelry Factory Co., Ltd.

Moragen Co., Ltd.

Noor Gems Co., Ltd.

Nagani Co., Ltd.

Navneet Gems & Minerals Ltd.

Royal Gems Stone Co., Ltd.

Mian Teck Jewelry Export Co., Ltd.

Nida Factory Co., Ltd.

Navaratana Exports Ltd.

Noble Gems Co., Ltd.

Nunsiri Factory Ltd., Partnership

OM Diamond Co., Ltd.

Maharapoe Co., Ltd.

P.S.J. Import & Export Ltd., Part.

Bijoux De Parissa

Olarn Jewelry Co., Ltd.

P.K. Gems And Gold Co., Ltd.

P. Porn Co., Ltd.

Four Star Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

Astral Gemstone Talismans Ltd.

Silver on Earth Co., Ltd.

Silom Gems International Ltd., Part.

Blue Star Gems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Silver Land (Thailand) Ltd.

Award Gems Co., Ltd.

Star Jewels Creations Co., Ltd.

R&D Jewellery International Co., Ltd.

N.K. Nopakaow Gold & Gems Co., Ltd.

Almond (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Andin (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

J. Rattana Co., Ltd.

Naparatana Co., Ltd.

Premier Diamond Cutting Co., Ltd.

Beauty Gems Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Premier Jewelry (MFG) Co., Ltd.

Sawang Export Public Co., Ltd.

Premier Gems Trading Co., Ltd.

Thompson Brothers Co., Ltd.

Pata Jewelcloning Co., Ltd.

Jewel De Razas Co., Ltd.

Try Once Gems & Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Mandy Jewelry Co., Ltd.

S.K.N. Gems Co., Ltd.

Gem Peace Co., Ltd.

Venlier Jewelry Co., Ltd.

A.M.G. Jewelry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

S.P.S. Gems & Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Sang Manee Gems Co., Ltd.

Surawong Gems Co., Ltd.

Thai Lanka Trading Ltd., Part.

Amazing Colour Stones Co., Ltd.

Fort Internation Co., Ltd.

Marigot Jewellery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

CB Thai Gems Co., Ltd.

Cagri Co., Ltd.

Supernova Creations Co., Ltd.

Super Shine Gems Co., Ltd.

S.V.S. Jewelry Factory Co., Ltd.

Rapipath Jewelry Ltd., Part.

Rung Charoenrat Gems Co., Ltd.

Uthong 3 Chuanchom Co., Ltd.

Paracolor Co., Ltd.

Vama Creation Co., Ltd.

Jacob's Jewelry Co., Ltd.

T.C. Mining International Co., Ltd

Stella Gems Co., Ltd.

Sun Sun Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Sirimanee Ltd., Part

Sunny Creations Ltd.

Thunder Creation Co., Ltd.

Vanapa Gems Factory Ltd.

Vantage Plus Co., Ltd.

Allure Jewellery MFG Co., Ltd.

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