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Precious stoneworking, watchmaking and jewellery
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Poh Chiang Jewellers Co., Ltd.

Siam Cast (Thailand) Ltd.

La Belle Collection International Co., Ltd.

Nizam & Co., Ltd.

BV Intertrade Co., Ltd.

V & P Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Kaiser Gems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Charoen Suk Factory Co., Ltd.

Sierra Jewelry Ltd., Part.

Kimberly Diamond Co., Ltd.

Thongsub Supan

Intercontinental Jewellery Manufacturing (Public) Co., Ltd.

G-U (Thailand) Ltd.

Boonyarat Jewelry & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Prestige International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Thai Charoen Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Mosaic Eins

Beautiful Color Stone Co., Ltd.

Gems Gallery International Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Thai Gems Export Ltd.

Cubic Gems Co., Ltd.

L.M.A. Ltd.

110 Precious Co., Ltd.

Rose Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Precious Products Jewelry Co., Ltd.

N I T Jewelry Tools Co., Ltd.

Pracha Jewelry Factory Co., Ltd.

Charlie's Reliable Jewellers

S.G. Center Co., Ltd.

Benetone Jewellry Co., Ltd.

B.B. Star Co., Ltd.

The Progress Watch Co., Ltd.

Bhatia Co., Ltd.

Suihiang Jewellery Co., Ltd.

B.M.B. Gems Co., Ltd.

A.M.G. Jewelry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Venlier Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Sang Manee Gems Co., Ltd.

S.P.S. Gems & Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Aknas Genuine Watch Bands And Trading Co., Ltd.

Surawong Gems Co., Ltd.

Bukhara International Co., Ltd.

Argenti ORO S.A.

Bhakdee Factory Co., Ltd.

Rough & Gems Co., Ltd.

D.S. Diamond Group Co., Ltd.

Artistic Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Best Ever Co., Ltd.

A.K.S.K. Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Galassia Co., Ltd.

Hejazi Co., Ltd.

Charisma Gems Co., Ltd.

H.V. Jewels Co., Ltd.

Key Gems International Co., Ltd.

Lithos Co., Ltd.

Paragon Worldwide Co., Ltd.

Gem Peace Co., Ltd.

Peter & Brothers Group Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Maneemas Jewelry Creations Co., Ltd.

Metamorphose Co., Ltd.

Di Com International Co., Ltd.

R&D Jewellery International Co., Ltd.

S.K.N. Gems Co., Ltd.

Star Jewels Creations Co., Ltd.

Cosmo Group Public Co., Ltd.

Young Zone Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Adoma Co., Ltd.

Y.N.A. Co., Ltd.

Thai Inter Gold Co., Ltd.

Infinity Ring's Designs Co., Ltd.

Charoen Goldsmith Co., Ltd.

Thye Seng Hong Co., Ltd.

Win Long Gems & Goldsmiths Co., Ltd.

Toa Kang Yaowaraj Goldsmith & Jewelry

Spep Stones Co., Ltd.

World Mark Jewelry Factory Ltd.

J.W. Jewelry & Factory Co., Ltd.

Lapidary Precious House

VS Chem (1970) Co., Ltd.

N.K. Silver Co., Ltd.

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