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Sony Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Four Star Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

The Pilot Pen (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

The Union Mosaic Industry Public Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Nan Mee Co., Ltd.

Metro Systems Corporation Public Co., Ltd.

Unifact Co., Ltd.

Chaiyaboon Brothers Co., Ltd.

China Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Tanamac Co., Ltd.

B.P.I. Co., Ltd.

Bluelight Industrial Co., Ltd.

Fuji Xerox (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Silom-Sathorn Branch)

Bluelight Industrial Co., Ltd. (Sales Office)

Modernform Group Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Optimus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Thai Ball Pen Industry Co., Ltd.

Chaiyaboon Brothers Co., Ltd.

Vivace Copy Center

Blooming Co., Ltd.

Comprint (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Twoplus Soft Co., Ltd.

Atico International (Thailand) Ltd.

Armin Systems Ltd.

D.T.C. Enterprise Co., Ltd.

High Land Industry Co., Ltd.

Modernform Group Public Co., Ltd.

Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Club International Co., Ltd.

Inkjet Images (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

T.S. Industry Co., Ltd.

Spearmaster Co., Ltd.

Kinaree Art Co., Ltd.

Master Ad Public Co., Ltd.

Treasure Box Co., Ltd.

Riso (Thailand) Ltd.

Sribhan Jacob Co., Ltd.

Siam Okamura Steel Co., Ltd.

Maxline Co., Ltd.

Omron Electronic Components Co., Ltd.

Colleen Pencil (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

PICO (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.

Sanby (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Max Wealth Commercial Co., Ltd.

Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.

Y.C. Products Co., Ltd.

Roj Advertising Co., Ltd.

Token Interior & Design Co., Ltd.

Fabric World Co., Ltd.

Pentel (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bensia Co., Ltd.

D.T.C. Industries Public Co., Ltd.

Fancy Art Co., Ltd.

Practika Co., Ltd.

K.J.M. Advertising Co., Ltd.

Inter Far East Engineering Public Co., Ltd.

Komark (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Star Universal Co., Ltd.

Epson (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Oki Systems (Thailand) Ltd.

JCP Plastic Ltd., Part.

P.P.K. Industries Co., Ltd.

BFB (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thai Heiyo)

Ricoh (Thailand) Ltd.

Olympia Thai Co., Ltd.

Hewlett-Packard (Thailand) Ltd.

Akathavee Import Ltd., Part.

S.R. International & Computer Supply Co., Ltd.

SunFlower Group

Exposition Technology Co., Ltd.

Avasglo Technologies (Thailand) Ltd.

Maxtronic Engineering Co., Ltd.

Charoen Ying (8888) Co., Ltd.

C.P. Service Co., Ltd.

Creatus Corporation Ltd.

The Pilot Pen (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Token Interior & Design Co., Ltd. (Factory)

E-Merchant Co., Ltd.


Morgan O.A. Co., Ltd.

Promotion Professional Co., Ltd.

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