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Furniline Co., Ltd.

S. Samran Plach (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

KYD Ceramics Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Sanko Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Siam Brothers Group Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Standard Universal International Co., Ltd. (Office & Showroom)

Royal Industries (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Therec Kinematics Co., Ltd.

Weston (Sea) Ltd.

K.T. Thai Local Products Co., Ltd.

C.M. Commercial Co., Ltd.

Consco Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Tasa Industrial Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Combitech Machinery Co., Ltd.

Modern Plush Toys Co., Ltd.

Scanmach Asia Co., Ltd.

Horng Chii Machine Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Amazing International Co., Ltd.

T. Tropical Farm Co., Ltd.

Advance Luggage Thai Co., Ltd.

M & P World Associated Ltd., Part.

Abajour Co., Ltd.

Project Partners Co., Ltd.

Thai Wasino Electric Co., Ltd.

Siam Asia Metal Co., Ltd.

Asiasoft Corporation Public Co., Ltd.

KF Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Menxon Enterprises (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Forklift Center & Service 2002 Co., Ltd.

Allways Inter-Continental Co., Ltd.

Bluelight Industrial Co., Ltd. (Sales Office)

Bluelight Industrial Co., Ltd.

Ecobrand Trading Co., Ltd.

S.R. Toy (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

HRD (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Hi-Tech Machine Tools Co., Ltd.

The Pilot Pen (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Grand Marketing Co., Ltd. (Grand Sport)

Chokchai Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.

SECO Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

G P Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Full System Engineering Co., Ltd.

Chin Fong (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

S.S.M.C. Co., Ltd.

King Kelly International Trading Co., Ltd.

Pilot Equipment Co., Ltd.

Puritek Engineering Co.,Ltd.

HHK Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Toyoda Machinery S.E. Asia Co., Ltd.

Toyobo Industrial Material (Thailand) Ltd.

Aktio (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Active Nation Co., Ltd.

T.G. Diamond Development Co., Ltd.

Siam Diving Enterprise Co., Ltd.

CRC Sports Co., Ltd.

Thai Sakol Group Co., Ltd.

World Forest (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Dee Denchai Factory Co., Ltd.

Sino-Thai Metal Casting Co., Ltd.

Thai Pinnacle Engineering Co., Ltd.

Yuan Yang Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sheico (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Asahi Orbit Industrial Co., Ltd.

Siam Ito Engineering Co., Ltd. (Chonburi)

Star Universal Co., Ltd.

SKK Manufacturing Ltd. (Jimthomson-Bangchak)

Siam Corral Co., Ltd.

Wattana Co., Ltd.

Bongo Logic Co., Ltd.

Inca Plastics (Thailand) Ltd.

Tsubaco Kte Co., Ltd.

UBAU (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Kriang Thai Development Co., Ltd.

Honda Tsusho (Thailand) Ltd.

Advanced Composite System Ltd. (ACS)

Maepim Co., Ltd.

Choke Saeng Thong (1998) Co., Ltd.

Thai Hirota Co., Ltd.

Classic Flowers International Co., Ltd.

GEA Grasso (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Glory Swift Group Co., Ltd.

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