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ALS Laboratory Group Thailand Co., Ltd.

SPC Consultant Co., Ltd.

T&J Earth Mechatronics Co., Ltd.

Architects 49 Ltd.

Mitr Technical Consultant Co., Ltd.

Geo-Technology Consultants Co., Ltd.

Tectonics Architects Co., Ltd.

G-Able Co., Ltd.

Toyo-Thai Corporation Ltd.

Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

ST Power Engineering Corp. Ltd.

Bi-Tech Engineering Co., Ltd.

Cowperthwaite & Puranananda Designers

Pisanu Engineering Co., Ltd.

International Environmental Management Co., Ltd. (IEM)

Global Architectural Co., Ltd.

A.R.C. Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Duangrit Bunnag Architect Ltd.

Samsung Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Koll (Thailand) Ltd.

Index Interfurn Co., Ltd.

NSF Asia-Pacific Co., Ltd.

Prompt Techno Service Co., Ltd.

CMT Architect Co., Ltd.

Crusoe Co., Ltd.

Container Network Co., Ltd.

Weston Myer Ltd.

Howard Lifts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

AC Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

Planning and Research Consultant Co.,Ltd.

Srichonlathorn Co., Ltd.

CMD Advanced Technologies Asia Ltd.

Sahanopparat Co., Ltd.

Hamon-B. Grimm Limited

Fire Ready Co., Ltd.

Thai Cranes International Co., Ltd.

101 Decoration Co., Ltd.

Elite Engineers Co., Ltd.

Green Architects Co., Ltd.

Vinai Decoration Co., Ltd.

RHLB (Siam) Ltd.

Vertex Engineering Co., Ltd.

Goldenchem International Co., Ltd.

ITT Fluid Technology International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Thai Jurong Engineering Ltd.

Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Freyja Co., Ltd.

E.L.E. Everyday Life Elements

MN & Associates Co., Ltd.

Windmill Architect Co., Ltd.

A. Dusitnanond Architect & Associates Co., Ltd.

AMA Design Studio Co., Ltd.

AP'Stract Ltd.

Arbay Co., Ltd.

Archer Architect Co., Ltd.

Architects Gallery Co., Ltd.

Unitech Co., Ltd.

Bluechips Microhouse Co., Ltd.

Siam Design Industry Co., Ltd. (Siam Design FurnishingCo., Ltd)

BSH Home Appliances Ltd. (Siemens)

Hyphen Industries Co., Ltd.

Kinetics Corporation Ltd.

Saengvith Science Co., Ltd.

Transconsult Co., Ltd.

Alfateoh Co., Ltd.

Chotichinda Mouchel Consultants Ltd.

JQA Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Gencon Engineering Co., Ltd.

Arup (Thailand) Ltd.

Roge and Associates Co., Ltd.

Scape Architects Co., Ltd.

Starting Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

All That Interior Co., Ltd.

PB Asia Co., Ltd.

A.E.C.M. Co., Ltd.

Mott MacDonald (Thailand) Ltd.

A.I. Technology Co., Ltd.

Atlantic Engineering Corporation Co., Ltd.

N.K.G. Engineering Co., Ltd.

Tomaryk Design (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

N.K.G. Engineering Co., Ltd.

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