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Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
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Gemini (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Areechai Woodtex Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Pro Excel Co., Ltd.

E.I.C. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Acme Industry Co., Ltd.

Champaca Co., Ltd.

TFP Industrial Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Fine Arts Studio (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Saeng Thai Ltd., Part.

Siam Tree Development Co., Ltd.

Rent (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

R. Wood & Gift Products Co., Ltd.

Wattana Co., Ltd.

Thai P.S. Machinery Co., Ltd.

Particle Planner Co., Ltd.

The Siam Cement Public Co., Ltd

Phatthalung Supply Co., Ltd.

Southern Siam Parawood Co., Ltd.

Siam Indo Tools Co., Ltd.

Parawood 1993 Co., Ltd.

Di Com International Co., Ltd.

Cosmo Group Public Co., Ltd.

Standard Cutting Knives Ltd.

Acme Industries Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Ruang Utai Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Sun Wood Industries Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Thanes Development Co., Ltd.

Gold Bell Furniture Ltd., Part.

Siam T-Bros Co., Ltd.

Rung Ruang Parquet Industry Co., Ltd.

Adiko Engineering And Consultant (1984) Co., Ltd.

P. Boonthai Import Co., Ltd.

Eastern Heritage Ltd.

The Siam Cement Public Co., Ltd.

Podium Holding Group Co., Ltd. (Office)

Silver Smile By E.R. Co., Ltd.

Migh Rungsit Sawmill Co., Ltd.

Micron Industries Co., Ltd.

DK Industry Co., Ltd.

Asian Union Exporting Co., Ltd.

Jaifah Chiangmai Lacquerware Co., Ltd.

Asia Parawood Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Pan Industrial Product Co., Ltd.

Industrial Marketing Co., Ltd.

Robert Bosch Ltd.

SSI Schaefer Systems International Co., Ltd.

Aree Aphiluck Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Liang Hua Tools Co., Ltd.

Charoen Decor Internation Co., Ltd.

United Art Co., Ltd.

Eiwlee Industrial Co., Ltd.

P.T.K. Wood Co., Ltd.

Casting & Machinery Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Carbide (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Thanya Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Surina Industries Co., Ltd.

Siam United Frame Industry Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Yong Hong Seng Co., Ltd.

Compact Trading Co., Ltd.

T. Thaveesin Furnishing Ltd., Part.

Laem Chabang Industry Co., Ltd.

B.S.P.A. Co., Ltd.

Saeng Thai Paper Co., Ltd.

Tang Nam Glass Co., Ltd.

Saeng Thai Press Co., Ltd.

Siam Micro Works 1994 Co., Ltd.

Jewelry Box Export Co., Ltd.

Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) Ltd.

Diamond Brothers Co., Ltd.

Plaza Co., Ltd. (The Pavillion Place)

Oriental Studio Co.,Ltd.

A-Z Consultants & Corp., Ltd.

Eastern Herb Co., Ltd.

Cherry Blossom Co., Ltd.

Atico International (Thailand) Ltd.

Ancola Packaging & Display Co., Ltd.

Four Star Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

Chaicharoen Multi Trading Co., Ltd.

Thai International Hospital Co., Ltd.

Package Display Co., Ltd.

The Eastern Industrial Co., Ltd.

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