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třída Tomáše Bati 1541
763 61 Napajedla

Czech Republic

Fax +420 577 503 001
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Packages (cups, containers and lids) – manufactured from health unobjectionable non-plasticized vinyl foil – standard tr

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Fatra, joint-stock company, well-established waterproofing membrane manufacturer, now offers galvanized metal sheets lam

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Plastic crate - primarily intended for use in the household or in the food industry – for pastries, fruits and vegetable

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Nature Head Office
Year established 1935
Activity (CZ08) Výroba plastových desek, fólií, hadic, trubek a profilů (2221)
Corporate capital 1,027,000,000 CZK
VAT no CZ27465021
No employees 1290 Employees
Kompass ID? CZ010833
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Products of plastic materials – flooring, insulation foils, membranes, waterproofing systems, technical and printed vinyl foils, packaging materials, sanitary foils, breathable films and laminates, biaxially orientated polyester films (laminates), foils and sheets, thermoformed packaging, tablecloth fabrics, plastic sections, PVC granulate, welded products, inflatable toys (seat, watter), inflatable promotional articles, multifunkcional plastic tiles

PVC floors LINO Fatra, vinyl floor boards Themofix, Imperio and floating vinyl floors FATRACLICK, wall covering MODUL - are traditional products of Fatra, that are intended into households and commercial premises.

Waterproofing membranes and systems FATRAFOL- we offer individual systems FATRAFOL for waterproofing - roof, ground, pool and special.

Breathable films and laminates - breathable films are manufactured from highly filled polyethylene. The films are permeable for gases and water vapours but impermeable to water in liquid state.

Extruded plastic profiles – we extruded from a variety of materials, physical-mechanical properties, shapes and colors. We offer profiles, edges, tubing.

BO PET - biaxially oriented polyester films are one of the best and most widely used materials for the manufacture of flexible packaging and electrical insulation

PVC granulate - semi-finished products intended for further processing. It is made from a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and relevant ingredients according to the requirements of the final use.

Technical vinyl foils - Fatra is a producer of softened polyvinyl chloride foils (PVC-P). Our foils do not contain heavy metals and excel chemical resistance. Foils are suitable for the production of haberdashery, packaging purposes, for medical care (bed pads, changing pads) and special purposes. We also offer tablecloths and printed films for interior and exterior.

Welded products - raincoats, inflatable advertising items, bed inserts and napkins, inflatable toys (seat, watter).

Foils and sheets from PE, PET and EVAC - among these products belong in Fatra anti-slip foils from EVAC, sheets from PET, insulation sheets from LDPE and HDPE, embossed sheets and warning foils from LDPE.

Injected products – we offer injection moulding on injection moulding machines with clamping force: 420 to 1100 t. Multifunctional plastic tiles – on terrace, to swimming pools etc. Protective plastic plugs - cover the winding rolls. Plastic crate - for pastries, fruits and vegetables, use in the household.

Thermoformed products - cups, containers, lids – formed from unobjectionable non-plasticized PVC foils. 

Regranulate, regranulation - we offer polyolefin re-granulates - we offer processing PP, PE, PP/PE and EVAC plastic waste. We buy plastic waste.

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  • Jul 9 2019
    Press release


    On 18/06/2019, the ceremonial handover of TESTED IN ANTARCTICA certificates took place at Masaryk University in Brno. This certificate was awarded to FATRAFOL 810 roofing membrane, which has been successfully tested under extreme conditions in Antarctica. The testing itself is carried out by expedition members who test whether products meet the properties declared by the manufacturer even in a demanding polar environment. Compliance with the requirements of these tests then entitles the company to the trademark Tested in Antarctica.
    Testing of FATRAFOL 810 roofing membrane was commenced at the beginning of 2015 and the total testing time should exceed 10 years.  Testing takes place at the Johann Gregor Mendel scientific station, which is located on the coast of James Ross Island in Antarctica. This systematic and long-term research focused on the durability of roofing waterproofing membranes takes place in quite unique climatic conditions unparalleled in plastic testing. Usually, the ageing process of plastics is carried out in countries with high sunshine intensity and relatively high daily temperatures. In contrast, Antarctica provides completely different conditions, typically characterised by multiple temperature changes from a few degrees above zero to less than -30°C, reduced luminous flux during the polar winter, but an increased proportion of the UV component caused by the ozone anomaly (i.e. hole in the ozone layer). Physical factors – ice and sand particles carried by winds reaching speeds of up to 150 km/h – also play a significant role here.
    The exact test conditions and results are published on the website
  • Sep 19 2014

    International delivery from our e-shop is now available


    Starting in September 2014, toys bought in our e-shop can be shipped abroad. Foreign customers (except from Slovakia), please visit Fatra’s Czech e-shop has been in place for nearly one and a half years. The service has been extended in response to the growing demand for our toys from abroad.
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Type: ČSN EN ISO 14001: 2016
Type: ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016


KB 1200-661/0100

Export area

West. Europe, Central/East Europe, Middle East, North America, Asia-Pacific
Switzerland, China, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Germany, Romania, Netherlands, Hungary, United States, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey

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Previous brands
  • NOVOPLAST  (Producer)

  • NOVODUR  (Producer)

  • FATRAFOL  (Producer)

  • FATRACLICK  (Producer)

  • SONTEK  (Producer)

  • TENOLAN  (Producer)

  • FATRA GARIS  (Producer)

  • FATRA IMPERIO  (Producer)

  • SANOTEN  (Producer)

  • AQUAPLAST  (Producer)

  • FOLAM  (Producer)

  • PETAFOL  (Producer)

  • FATRA WELL-CLICK  (Producer)

  • FATRA  (Producer)

  • THERMOFIX  (Producer)

  • FATRAPAR  (Producer)

  • FATRATEX  (Producer)

  • FATRADREN  (Producer)

  • FATRANYL  (Producer)

  • STAFOL  (Producer)

  • EKOPLAN  (Producer)

  • NOVOFLOR  (Producer)

  • EKOTEN  (Producer)

  • LINO FATRA  (Producer)

  • FATRAFLOOR  (Producer)

  • FATRAFOIL  (Producer)

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Visit address třída Tomáše Bati 1541 763 61 Napajedla Czech Republic
Legal address třída Tomáše Bati 1541 763 61 Napajedla Czech Republic

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Ing. Pavel Čechmánek

CEO - Chief Executive Officer (Generální ředitel)

Ing. Luděk Kramoliš

Admin/Finance Director/Manager (Finanční ředitel)

Ing. Dušan Uher

Sales Director/Manager (Obchodní ředitel)

Pan Petr Pernička

Logistics Director/Manager (Ředitel úseku logistiky)

David Čuda

HR Director/Manager (Personální ředitel)

Ing. Hana Krahulová

Assistant Manager (Asistent)

Ing. Olga Vyčánková

Technical Director/Manager (Technická ředitelka)

Ing. Miroslav Slováček

Production Director/Manager (Výrobní ředitel)

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NACE CZ (CZ 2008) : Výroba plastových desek, fólií, hadic, trubek a profilů (2221)

NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) : Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles (2221)

ISIC 4 (WORLD) : Manufacture of plastics products (2220)