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SPRAYMARC - Crop Sprayers

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DINAR – Rotary harrow


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LOZOVA MACHINERY presents a wide range of modern efficient and economical soil processing units, sowing tools and overloading trailers. Serial lines of units: - short disk harrows DUKAT (grip width from 2.5 to 16.75 m) - DUKAT-GOLD heavy disk harrows (grip width 6 and 8 m) - LIRA tooth-spring harrows (grip width from 15 to 24 m) - light tooth-spring harrows LIRA XS (grip width from 6 to 24 m) - heavy tooth-spring harrows LIRA XL (grip width from 15 to 21 m) - LARI loop harrows (grip width from 7 to 21 m) - FRANK and GULDEN deep rippers (grip width from 2.5 to 4 m) - DINAR rotary harrows (grip width from 6 to 13 m) - pre-harvesters CHERVONETS (capture width 8 m) - field cultivators FLORIN (grip width 8 m) - stubble cultivators SHILLING (grip width 2 to 8 m) - CENTIM cultivators (grip width from 6.4 to 12.4 m) - ALBION XL (volume from 26 to 37 m3) and KELT XXL (volume from 28 to 43 m3) - sprayers SPRAYMARC-3000

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Nov 26 2021
Press release

LOZOVA MACHINERY summarizes the results of the season in Europe

Date: November 26, 2021 8:46 AM

LOZOVA MACHINERY summarizes the results of the agricultural season in Europe. In 2021, we managed to significantly expand the range of supplied products, as well as increase sales to Germany, Poland, Moldova and Lithuania by more than 40%.
DUCAT disc harrows with different working widths remain the unchanging sales leader on the European market. This line is in greatest demand in Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Germany. As local farmers note, Ukrainian-made disc harrows are distinguished by high productivity and high-quality resource-saving processing, in comparison with expensive analogues of other world brands. Particularly impressive is the unmatched advantage – the ZERO SERVICE principle. It is essential for farmers that the equipment should be in operation for as long as possible without additional service, which is what the DUCAT line provides.     
Compared to 2020, the Company has expanded its product range to Europe. This year, the sales of the LIRA spring harrow with working widths of 15 and 24 m have started in the EU countries. The legendary LIRA harrow, which has been in demand for almost two decades, met with restrictions on deliveries to Europe due to the standard transport dimensions for our country (4 m). However, after modernization, the transport width of LIRA, which equals 3 meters, fully complies with European standards.
In addition to France and the Balkan countries, Polish farmers also discovered and successfully tested DINAR rotary harrows on their fields, which cultivate the soil in high germination without damaging them. The results of the year show that the equipment has successfully entered the market, with further successful implementation of the line predicted.
Additionally, based on the findings of a marketing research, the demand for the LARI trail harrow is predicted among European farmers who are already interested in the line. Therefore, the Company is actively promoting harrows to help farmers start the new spring season on time. Machines are the first to appear in the field in any weather, and even sticky wet soil is not an obstacle for them, since farm equipment easily copes with it. 16 rows of diamond-shaped teeth are recognized among the most wear-resistant and reliable on the market (which is confirmed by independent experts).
Next year, the Company plans to operate effectively on further development of such markets as Romanian, Hungarian and French (of course, while maintaining the pace of development in other countries).
At the beginning of the year, LOZOVA MACHINERY is taking part in AGRITECHNICA-2022, the largest and most anticipated agroindustrial event. The company is preparing a vivid exposition that will demonstrate the growth and development of the Ukrainian agricultural machinery industry.
It is worth reminding that in 2021, LOZOVA MACHINERY has released a number of top new products and carried out extensive modernization of the existing lines. In the next season, a significant increase in the presence of equipment – more than double – is expected on the European market.            
Nov 23 2021
Press release


Date: November 23, 2021 3:36 PM

We continue our column of advice on setting up tillage units from the head of the service department, Oleksandr Shepel.

Both in summer and in autumn, one of the most relevant implements for a farmer is LOZOVA MACHINERY subsoiler, which break down the plough sole at a depth of 45 cm, while keeping the topography of the field. Deep loosening improves the structure of the soil, contributes to the best aeration of the soil and its saturation with moisture. This, in turn, leads to the accumulation and preservation of more water in the soil and creates the prerequisites for the development of microorganisms and bacteria necessary for the growth of the cultivated plants. The company's range of subsoilers is represented by FRANC and GULDEN units.

Today, we will talk about the rules for adjusting the unit for continuous tillage using subsoiling technology: the GULDEN subsoiler with a working width of 4 m.  “For your information, loosening with this implement is carried out, at the choice of the farmer, in one or two levels of the ploughed layer with varying degrees of soil pulverization. This effect is achieved by a combination of two types of working bodies on the unit - subsoiler tines in front and tines with plough shares behind them. The delta-shaped frame of the unit is able to withstand heavy loads caused by the resistance of the soil when working on two levels,” says Oleksandr.

There are four types of required implement adjustments:
  • adjustment of the horizontal position of the subsoiler frame;
  • depth of tillage;
  • position of the plough shares;
  • position of the rollers relative to each other.
The horizontal position of the frame guarantees a uniform tillage depth across the working width of the unit. This position of the frame and the specified depth of soil cultivation are achieved by mutual adjustment of the position of the tractor's hydraulic linkage and the position of the levelling rollers. The rollers serve as a support for the rear of the unit during its operation and limit the depth of the working bodies.

“The plough shares, installed after the chisels, allow additional loosening of the soil in the upper soil layer and achieve a finer fraction of clods on the surface. This reduces the rate of evaporation of moisture reserves and optimizes the soil texture of the topsoil,” adds the expert.

Both the position of the rollers and the working depth with the plough shares are adjusted discretely mechanically by the mutual position of the spacers: the lower one (perforated) and lower one (with a stop) using the locking axes.

Oleksandr also warns that when working on soils with high moisture content, as well as with a large content of crop residues on the surface, in order to prevent "shovelling", it is not recommended to use plough shares. In such cases, they are exposed to the extreme upper position and become passive.

The relative position of the rollers is adjusted with struts. With an increase in the length of the strut, the rear roller falls below the front roller, and vice versa.

“We recommend adjusting the relative position of the rollers so that the rear roller axis is 20-25 mm below the front roller axis. This will reduce the chance of soil clogging up between the rollers. At the end of the adjustment, it is necessary to fix the position of the strut screws with the tie bolts,” advised Oleksandr Shepel.

The use of deep loosening in the technology of growing agricultural crops allows you to quickly restore soil fertility and achieve the highest yields. And GULDEN is one of the best equipment for this.

To be continued…


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