Daegu  -  South Korea
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1 .Excellent Anti-fog features for glasses ,camera lenes
2. It lasts 8 ~ 12 hours by wiping lense
3. More than 200 times reusable
4. .Passed REACH test

Compositon Polyester 70% + Nylon 30%
Denier 75D
Weight 180g/sqm
Size 15x18cm
Color Grey
Edge Zigzag

Description of the Product

1 .Excellent Anti-fog features for glasses ,camera lenes 
2.  It lasts 8 ~ 12 hours by wiping lense  
3.  More than 200 times reusable  
4. .Passed REACH test 

Compositon      Polyester 70% + Nylon 30%
Denier               75D
Weight              180g/sqm
Size                   15x18cm
Color                  Grey
Edge                  Zigzag

Price of the Product

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