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Heavy Duty PVC Covers for trailers

Our reinforced Heavy Duty PVC Covers are designed to perform well for an all round range of applications. We supply these PVC Covers in standard sizes for your convenience. The patented Protex® heavy duty fabric is 610 g.s.m. This is thick enough to be used as a heavy duty cover for the most demanding projects. As market specialists we are well aware of all manner of tough conditions our PVC Tarps may come up against. This material technology displays good barrier characteristics against the wind and rain. In addition its very difficult to tear and puncture. As competitors opt for cheaper fabrics we maintain a Western European manufacture base. This is a product that is cut and sewn in the United Kingdom. This ‘quality centric’ approach to manufacture means Valdamark Heavy Duty PVC Covers are ‘built to last’. Outperforming the competition for all applications. Usage Uses can vary. Many projects require a Heavy Duty PVC Cover. Trailer Covers, Storage Covers, Motorcycle Covers and Machine Covers. All are suitable applications for this product. We see many clients switching to this product after using Canvas Covers. The more permeable structure of this product means that it’s generally considered a superior alternative. Valdamark are experts in the design and manufacture of protective covers. We continue to monitor the quality of our goods throughout manufacture. Benefits of Heavy Duty PVC Covers • Excellent as a primary Protective Cover • Total Water Resistance • Rotproof • Choice of Blue or Green colors • Water stop hems included in fitting. • Made in the United Kingdom. Conforms to BS3423.

ProDess™ Custom Face Mask | Reusable | Washable | Recyclable | Printable

The Motivation Before embarking on our custom face mask journey, we knew could not stand by and watch the economic and ecological craziness of surgical face masks from the other side of the world dominate the space into the future. A more thoughtful reusable face mask concept was urgently required. Valdamark & Valsem Industries mobilized their technological and operational resources as European leaders in flexible packaging & technical membranes right from the start of the first lock down. This new ‘war effort’ demanded the development of a high-performance protective mask that was accessible to all and ecologically responsible. The revolutionary ProDess™ mask concept was born. The ProDess™ reusable face mask is a cluster of patented technologies focussed in one washable face mask. Key Features – DGA/UNS1 approved. Features 99% outstanding filtration. Washable Face Mask. Certified for 100 washes minimum. Unmatched 12 hours of continual use. Supplied with 3 washable filters. The ProDess™ is 3 to 30 times more economical than other masks available in the market. Unrivalled breathability. Improves on the current standard by 400%. 100% Customisable. Corporate print, branding & logo work can be done. 100% Recyclable. 100% Made in western Europe. UNICEF sponsored product. AFNOR certified product. How does the ProDess™ custom face mask work? The structure of the Dess™ custom face mask is such that it allows for total freedom. Extremely comfortable on the face and ideal for all day wearing whilst at work the Dess can be customised with fast, economic, and high-quality print. Unlike other filter masks the Dess™ the does not utilise elastic straps to mould the mask to the face. Instead the Dess™ uses drawstrings. Position over the head in the best position and pull to secure over nose and mouth. For work environments As a comfortable printed face mask, theProDess™ has proved extremely popular for use in work and corporate environments where the employer/company/institution is looking to provide a quality, reusable & branded mask to its employees. The ProDess™ is an AFNOR SPEC S76-001 & UNS1 category filter mask. They are 100% fully washable and recyclable and reusable face mask. Filters particles between 1 & 3µm (microns) at 99%. Air permeability of 495 Lm-2.S-1 per 100 PA. Each ProDess™ can be used continuously due to it’s three interchangeable barrier filters (1 filter = 4 hours) ProDess™ printed face masks are universal and designed to adapt to all face morphologies. The ProDess™ offer is reserved for corporate requirements and subject to a minimum order quantity.

Jute Covers and Tarmac Sheets in Various Sizes

Valdamark Jute Covers are perfect for use as Tarmac sheets keeping the product warm. Similar to industrial hemp and flax linen material Jute is an affordable and environmentally friendly natural fiber. As a raw material it is a soft and shiny vegetable fiber which is spun into robust and coarse strands to produce our heavy duty jute sheets. Wheres Tarmac sheets are concerned Jute is usually the preferred material as opposed to synthetic fibers which may interact negatively with the product. Avaialble in various standard sizes for your convenience each sheets comes complete with eyelets and ropes for easy fitting. Jute Production in more detail Jute is a rain dependent crop that generally does not require the use of fertilizer or pesticide products to flourish. This is in contrast to cotton which has heavy demands adding to Jutes impressive environmental credentials. Jute Fiber comes from the outer skin or stem of the jute plant itself. The process of extraction is known as retting where the long strands of Jute fibers are collected and bundled together for immersion in cold, slow running water. Following this the material is soft and pliable for the stripping process begins. Here the non fibrous material has to be removed and scraped off. Once dried the material fiber is ready to be manipulated and weaved into shape to make the finished Jute Covers. Uses Jute covers are primarily used in the construction and transport industry for covering tarmac loads on the move. Benefits of Jute Covers Economical product made from natural fibers. Versatile product for use in a variety of industries. Durable design for optimal performance. ‘Made to last’ design philosophy. Performs well in harsh outdoor conditions. Delivery Time 1 – 2 Working days UK N.B. This product is intended for use buy trades people and appropriately trained professionals.

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Printed laminated rollstock

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