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TYPEK PAPER Co., Ltd, - (-)

Typek Paper Co., Ltd is a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of typek office bond papers, a4 paper, copy paper and office supplies. We are involved in production and exportation of office supplies, office copy paper, typek bond paper, sappi office paper, typek sappi paper, copier paper, office bond papers, typek a4 paper, photocopy paper, typek printer paper, and other types of typek multipurpose office paper. Typek Paper Co., Ltd is a leading professional manufacturer, supplier, exporter, distributor and wholesaler of all kinds of office bond papers, copy paper, typek a4 paper, a3 paper, typek printing papers, photocopy papers, copier papers, sappi stationery and multipurpose papers. We are the largest professional Paper Manufacturer Exporter in South East Asia and other parts of the world. We have been in this business for many years, specialized in the manufacturing and wholesale of various kinds of office bond papers, such as Copy Paper, Printing Paper, Copier Paper, A4 copy paper(210mm*297mm), A3 copy paper (297mm*420mm), typek Letter size copy paper (8.5''x11''), typek Legal size paper (8.5''x14''). Basic weight are 80gsm copy paper, 75gsm copy paper, 70gsm offset paper. Paper Brightness ranges from 94-96%, 98-100%, 102-104% Bright Copy Papers. Quantity per ream: 500 sheets/ream; Quantity per carton: 5ream/carton; 8ream/carton; 10 reams/carton. We manufacture all brands of copy papers such as Double A4 Copy paper Brand, Paper One copier paper, Golden Star copier paper, Laser Copier Paper, Xerox multipurpose copy paper, Mondi Rotatrim Bond Paper, Typek copy Paper, IK PLUS Multipurpose copy paper, HP Multipurpose copy paper, IK Yellow A4 Paper, Reflex Copy Paper, Paperline Copier Paper, typek office bond paper, Copimax Paper and Chamex Brand Paper. We are professional manufacturers of all kinds of office paper, copy paper, offset paper, newspaper, typek printing papers with all brands available. Typek Paper Co., Ltd exports and supplies it's products such as typek copy papers, typek bond papers, typek a4 papers, sappi typek office papers, typek copier paper and typek photocopy papers to countries such as UK, USA, Canada, China, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Australia, Korea, Brazil and many other countries in South East Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Supplier of:

  • Paper and board, graphic design use, for printing
  • Paper rolls, printed, for cash registers
  • Paper rolls, non-printed, for office machinery...
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