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Thai Metal Processing Co., Ltd.

Chonviriya Steel Co., Ltd.

Cotco Metal Works Ltd.

Siam Steel Service Center Public Co., Ltd.

Steel Processing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Dongbu Corporation Ltd.

Nomura Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Nanachart Traders Consolidation)

Lohakit Metal Public Co., Ltd.

Thai Tinplate Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Thailand Iron Works Public Co., Ltd.

Thailand Smelting & Refining Co., Ltd. (Sales Office)

Thailand Steel Works Co., Ltd.

Cap C.E.L. Co., Ltd.

Padaeng Industry Public Co., Ltd.

United Steeel Pipe Co., Ltd.

Sahaviriya Steel Industries Public Co., Ltd.

Thaitoke Engineering Co., Ltd.

Pongboon Engineering Co., Ltd.

Titanco International Co., Ltd.

Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) Ltd.

Special Steel Center Co., Ltd.

P.K.M. Metal Works Diccasting Co., Ltd.

U.M.T. Steel Co., Ltd.

PCJ Industries Co., Ltd.

The Siam United Steel (1995) Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Thai Industrial Gases Public Co., Ltd. (Onnuch)

Cotco-SV Eastern Steel Pipe Ltd. (Factory)

Kim Chong Hin Trading Co., Ltd.

Thongchai Pattana Co., Ltd.

Chonburi Steel Mill Services Ltd. (Factory)

Rig Thai Engineering Co., Ltd.

Great Impex Co., Ltd.

Imperial Industrial Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Imperial Industrial Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Factory)

U Chhang (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Thai Alloy and Associates Co., Ltd.

Liang Seng Heng Panich Ltd., Part.

Lor Lohathai Metal Co., Ltd.

Pacific Unitrade Co., Ltd.

B.S. Aluminium Supply Co., Ltd.

Boonsong Precision Supply Co., Ltd.

T.I.T. Metal Co., Ltd.

Fuji Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.

Sima Lohaphan Co., Ltd.

Thai Metal Import Co., Ltd.

Ekkasem Lohakij Co., Ltd.

Siam Sensei Co., Ltd. (SSS)

Pisanu Lohakij Ltd. Part.

Kotobuki Die Casting (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Kyouei Precision Device Co., Ltd.

PCM Processing (Thailand) Ltd.

Pinthong Steel Co., Ltd.

BFM Co., Ltd.

Nippon Steel Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Siam MTK Co., Ltd.

Acrylic Fibre Co., Ltd.

Matallic Section Steel Co., Ltd.

Sahamit Machinery Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

TT Steel Processing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Chonburi Special Steel Group Ltd.

Teasco (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Chow Steel Public Co., Ltd. (Office)

Chow Steel Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

G J Steel Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Billion Mesh Industry Co., Ltd. ( Factory )

Liean Cheng Metal Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Superlene Engineering Co., Ltd.

Phelps Dodge Thailand Ltd. (Factory)

AAPICO Hitech Public Co., Ltd.

BDS VirCon Co., Ltd.

Bangsaphan Barmill Public Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Billion Mesh Industry Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Metal Works Co., Ltd.

Thai Herrick Co., Ltd.

Best Steel Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Diecasting & Injection Co., Ltd.

Y.M.P. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

M.C.S. Steel Public Co., Ltd.

Kobe Ch Wire (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

P. Overseas Steel Co., Ltd.

Lee Thai Mui Steel Co., Ltd.

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