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YES Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Delcom Co., Ltd.

Fuji Xerox (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Silom-Sathorn Branch)

United Business Solutions Ltd.

Computer Associates International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

ISM Technology Recruitment Ltd.

Asian Coding Systems Co., Ltd.

Fuji Xerox (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Document)

Motorola Solutions (Thailand) Ltd. Co., Ltd.

Warren & Brown Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Technology Store Co., Ltd.

Professional Computer Co., Ltd. (PCC)

BMJ Consultancy Group Co., Ltd.

East Wing Co., Ltd.

Neon Infotech South East Asia Co., Ltd.

DTC Internetworking Co., Ltd.

Epson (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Oki Systems (Thailand) Ltd.

Com 7 Co., Ltd.

Simat Technologies Public Co., Ltd.

Tatung (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Compass Technology Co., Ltd.

Brother Commercial (Thailand) Ltd.

MFEC Public Co., Ltd. (Modernform Exterprise Com)

Obagi (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Optimus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Throughwave (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

D.T.C. Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Creation Group Co., Ltd.

PTS (Product Technology Solution) Co., Ltd.

Coverage Ltd.

IT Supplies Co., Ltd.

Digital Image Quality Lab Co., Ltd.

Adasoft Co., Ltd.

SPV Advance Corporation Ltd.

AEC Asia Inc.

Chai Siam Trading Co., Ltd.

Chinavut Marketing Co., Ltd.

JP Computer Service Co., Ltd.

C.C.S. Co., Ltd.

Reuters Software (Thailand) Ltd.

Next Generation Software System Ltd. Part

A.B.C. Technology Co., Ltd.

Hi-Quan Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Compumation Co., Ltd.

BMC Software (Thailand) Ltd.

Nera (Thailand) Ltd.

Pacnet Internet (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Intel Micro Electronic (Thailand) Ltd.

B.D. Computer Ltd.

SSC Solutions Co., Ltd.

Tanabutr Co., Ltd.

CS Loxinfo Public Co., Ltd.

Phuket Dot Com Ltd.

Hyro Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Ingres (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bermark Design Ltd.

S.R. International & Computer Supply Co., Ltd.

Thaisakol Center Group Ltd., Part.

PricewaterhouseCoopers ABAS Ltd.

Thai Standard Solution Co., Ltd.

Thai Star Computer Co., Ltd.

Thaimark Solutions Technology Co., Ltd.

Datacraft (Thailand) Ltd.

Thai Informatic Systems Co., Ltd.

Dazzling Graphics Co., Ltd.

Technology Plus Co., Ltd.

Tsenglabs (Thailand) Ltd.

P&O Global Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

China Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

True Quality Co., Ltd.

Unitrio International Co., Ltd.

BenQ (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Inter Pacific Co., Ltd.

S.P. Computer Co., Ltd.

Infoquest Co., Ltd.

Easyfo Co., Ltd.

Soft World Co., Ltd.

PeoplePlus Software Co., Ltd.

V-Smart Co., Ltd.

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