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Pan Rajdhevee Group Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Rungthai Chemical Co., Ltd.

O.C.C. Public Co., Ltd.

Isotron (Thailand) Ltd.

Smile Phan Ltd.

EIT Dermal Wellness (Thai) Co., Ltd.

The First Thai Brush Co., Ltd. (Factory)

T.G. Diamond Development Co., Ltd.

Thai Sakol Group Co., Ltd.

Servex Co., Ltd.

Metso Paper (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Panasonic (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Lau Brothers International Co., Ltd.

D.Tech Precision Engineering Co., Ltd.

Forbest Co., Ltd.

GEA Grasso (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sang Sook Industry Co., Ltd.

Glory Swift Group Co., Ltd.

Raja Uchino Co., Ltd. (Chonburi Factory)

Cimbria (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

BASF (Thai) Ltd.

Savetronics Corporation Co., Ltd.

Rent (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Angle CNC Equipment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Oriflame Management Asia Ltd.

Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. (Tuff Tride)

T.C. Pharma-Chem Co., Ltd.

Sara Lee Coffee & Tea (Thailand) Ltd.

Kangzen-Kenko International Co., Ltd.

The Siam Cement Public Co., Ltd

Hong Yang (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Sales (Thailand) Ltd.

B.C. Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Thai Heat Treatment Co., Ltd.

Invensys Rail Systems (Australia) Co., Ltd.

White Group Co., Ltd.

Combitech Machinery Co., Ltd.

Kiwo-Thai Co., Ltd.

Tasa Industrial Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Thai Hygienic Products Co., Ltd. (Factory)

CN Technology Co., Ltd.

P.P.K. Industries Co., Ltd.

Consco Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Track Equiment Co., Ltd.

Amada Machine Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

T I D Engineering Co., Ltd.

T. Sahakit Industry Co., Ltd.

Daimond Match Co., Ltd.

Dai Na Mic Spring Co., Ltd.

Thai Takigami Co., Ltd.

Danieli Far East Co., Ltd.

Sensara Cosmetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Shin Thai Enterprises Co., Ltd.

LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics (Thailand) Ltd.

Kinik-Thai Co., Ltd.

Roumsilp Film Co., Ltd.

I-Matrix Power Tools Co., Ltd.

Tri-Arc Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Atlas Copco (Thailand) Ltd.

Factory Max Co., Ltd.

Rosemarin Health Care

B.B. Merchants Co., Ltd.

Takamatsu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Thai Onono Public Co., Ltd.

Air Liquide Welding (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Collection Schulte (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Shinwa Intec Co., Ltd.

S.S. Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Unison Laboratories Co., Ltd.

B. Grimm Trading Corporation

InCyam Co., Ltd.

Intergoods Co., Ltd.

STP & I Public Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

The First Thai Brush Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Thanes Development Co., Ltd.

I.C.C. International Public Co., Ltd.

SunFlower Group

Garguar Lab Co., Ltd.

Hexagon Co., Ltd.

International Laboratories Corp., Ltd. (Factory)

Johnson & Johnson (Thailand) Ltd. (Medical Products)

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