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Siam Motors Industries Co., Ltd.

B.S. International Co., Ltd.

Hato Paint Co., Ltd.

Union Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

M. Thai Industrial Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Pato Chemical Industry Public Co., Ltd.

Eka Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd.

Zagro (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Kemtrade Co., Ltd.

Aventis Pharma Ltd.

Hui Kwang (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

AGC Chimicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Nagashima Special Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Tipco Asphalt Public Co., Ltd.

Nagase (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

NIC Starch Products Ltd.

Mogeona (Thailand) Ltd.

Thai Food Ltd.

Thai Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.

Thai Tinplate Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Creation Center Co., Ltd.

Berger Paints (Thailand) Ltd.

Nan Mee Co., Ltd.

ISP (Thailand) Ltd. (Ashland)

Kitamura Painting (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Ever Garden Chinese Restaurant

Siam Paint Industry Co., Ltd.

Thai Ocean Printing Co., Ltd.

A.F. Seikoh Co., Ltd.

Asia Pacific Potash Corporation Co., Ltd.

Thai Vegetable Oil Public Co., Ltd.

Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) Ltd.

Eli Lilly Asia Inc.(Thailand Branch)

Merck Ltd.

Pacific Healthcare (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bio Plus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Metallic Chemical Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

MC Agro-Chemicals Co., Ltd.

TEAC Co., Ltd.

Nova Pacific Co., Ltd.

Modern Chemical Co., Ltd.

Captain Coating Co., Ltd.

VIV Group Co., Ltd.

Sara Lee Coffee & Tea (Thailand) Ltd.

Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. (Tuff Tride)

Thai Eurocoat Ltd.

Great Impex Co., Ltd.

Chemmin Corporation Ltd.

Imperial Industrial Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Imperial Industrial Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Schumit 1967 Co., Ltd.

Siam Pro Trading Co., Ltd.

MKK (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Chef's Choice Foods Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Focus Laboratories Ltd.

Charoen Pokphand Seeds Co., Ltd.

Jotun Thailand Ltd. (Factory)

Creasia Mill Co., Ltd.

Champaca Co., Ltd.

Chemical Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Warehouse)

Heritage Cashew & Food Co., Ltd.

SSDC (Tigertex) Co., Ltd.

SK Kaken (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Camping Equipment Ltd., Part.

Chinhor Industrial Co., Ltd.

Mall Interprint Co., Ltd.

Inter Goods Co., Ltd.

Premier Lubricant Co., Ltd.

Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Pathum Thani)

Fosroc (Thailand) Ltd.

National Starch & Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Screen Co., Ltd.

SQI. Group Co., Ltd.

Polymer Innovation Co., Ltd.

Sang Thong Firearms Ltd., Part.

Hercules Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Connell Bross)

Bayer Thai Co., Ltd. (Bangpoo Plants)

ARS Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Captain Paint Co., Ltd. (Office)

Indo-Thai Firearms Trading R.O.P.

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