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Sam-D Farm Co., Ltd.

V.I. International Co., Ltd.

Premier Dairy Food Co., Ltd.

CP-Meiji Co., Ltd.

Unicord Public Co.,Ltd.

The Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm & Zoo Co., Ltd.

Laemthong Corporation Ltd. (Factory)

Vita Food Factory (1989) Ltd.

Hanami-Tohato Co., Ltd.

Kiang Huat Seagull Trading Frozen Food Public Co., Ltd.

Champaca Marketing Co., Ltd.

Champaca Co., Ltd.

Seafresh Industry Public Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

The Peace Canning (1958) Co., Ltd.

Heritage Cashew & Food Co., Ltd.

Chomthana Co., Ltd.

Thai Patana Frozen Co., Ltd.

K-Much Industry Co., Ltd.

Nutrition House Co., Ltd.

Sang Sook Industry Co., Ltd.

Hightone Marine Products Co., Ltd.

May Ao Foods Co., Ltd.

Pranburi Hotei Co., Ltd.

Rovithai Ltd.

Pranburi Fruit Industrial Ltd., Part.

Thai Habel Industrial Co., Ltd.

Rayong Marine Export Ltd., Part.

San-Thap International Co., Ltd.

BB Snack Co., Ltd.

Tsubaki Food Service Ltd., Part.

Gallothai Co., Ltd.

Imperial General Foods Industry Co., Ltd.

J.T. International Trading Ltd., Part.

Akesaovaros Co., Ltd.

PIC Siam Co., Ltd.

Khao Shong Industry (1979) Co., Ltd.

The Pacific Cigar (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

T.C. Pharma-Chem Co., Ltd.

Sara Lee Coffee & Tea (Thailand) Ltd.

Thai Excel Foods Co., Ltd.

I.G. Management Co., Ltd.

Thai Edible Oil Co., Ltd.

Preserved Food Specialty Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Man A Fishery Co., Ltd.

Thai Starch Ltd.

Siam Union Sahamitr Co., Ltd.

White Group Co., Ltd.

Narong Seafood Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

World Foods International Co., Ltd.

Agro-On Co., Ltd.

Siam Food Products Public Co., Ltd.

Srinanaporn Marketing Ltd.

Sea Value Co., Ltd.

Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Nong Khae)

Bird Land Co., Ltd.

Di Com International Co., Ltd.

I.T. Foods Industries Co., Ltd.

Sanco Foods (Thailand) Ltd.

Sunsauce Foods Industrial Corp., Ltd.

Asian Seafoods Coldstorage Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Thai Delmar Co., Ltd.

I.S.A. Value Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Royal Sea Products Co., Ltd.

Osotspa Co., Ltd.

Kosamut Frozen Food Co., Ltd.

Nissui (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Siam Fruit Canning (1988) Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Rayong Sugar Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Lee Feed Mill Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

United Foods Public Co., Ltd. (Chonburi)

Tong Garden Co., Ltd. (Factory)

United Foods Public Co., Ltd. (Nakhon Pathom)

Kingfisher Holdings Ltd. (Songkhla Branch)

Ravi Co., Ltd.

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Co., Ltd. (Samut Sakhon)

The Minor Dairy Ltd. (Account Dept.)

Mae Sod Food Cannery Co., Ltd.

Narong Seafood Co., Ltd.

International Marketing Ltd.

Thai Spring Fish Co., Ltd.

BS Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Factory)

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