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Essem International Co., Ltd.

Hiang Seng Fibre Container Co., Ltd. (Box Factory)

Four Star Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

The Pilot Pen (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Thai Union Paper Public Co., Ltd.

Union Paper Carton Co., Ltd.

Thai Containers Industry Ltd. (Factory)

Thai Development Paper Co., Ltd.

Thai Paper Co., Ltd.

Bells Ribbon Co., Ltd.

Excel Packaging Ltd.

Bangkok Package Industry Co., Ltd. (Samut Sakhon)

Tawan Sakol Trading (1992) Co., Ltd.

Siam Paper JNK Industrial Co., Ltd.

Royal Paper Forms Co., Ltd.

EK Thong Bangkok Ltd., Part.

Advance Image Card Co., Ltd.

Siam Gumed Tape Co., Ltd.

Fancy Paper Co., Ltd.

Sahapan Paper Co., Ltd.

Mae Mae Industrial Co., Ltd.

Thai Containers Ratchaburi (1989) Co., Ltd. (TCRB)

Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd.

Asia Paper Bag Co., Ltd.

Udompanich Industrial Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Sarnti Green Pack Co., Ltd.

Master Form Industry Co., Ltd.

F. Abbas R.O.P.

Thai Containers (TCC) Co., Ltd.

P.J. Group

Atico International (Thailand) Ltd.

National Starch & Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

M.S. Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.

Kid-Ox Co., Ltd.

Saeng Fah Book Co., Ltd.

Gravure Art Center Co., Ltd.

Sunshine Press Co., Ltd.

N.S.F. Group Public Co., Ltd.

Bamboo Supply & Service Co., Ltd.

Primacy Supply Co., Ltd.

Club International Co., Ltd.

Seiko Advance (Thailand) Ltd.

Spearmaster Co., Ltd.

P.T. Brothers Industries Co., Ltd.

Reanthai Boonyakit Co., Ltd.

Norske Skog (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Sarnti Packaging Co., Ltd.

The Siam Pulp & Paper Public Co., Ltd.

Tawana Container Co., Ltd.

Thai Packaging & Printing Public Co., Ltd.

Union Thai Nichiban Co., Ltd.

Sang Charoen Paper Co., Ltd.

Thai Power Supply Co., Ltd.

Hiang Seng Fibre Container Co., Ltd.

Lau Hua Cheang Co., Ltd.

Hua Kee Co., Ltd.

S & J International Enterprises Public Co., Ltd.

Saha Yong Phatanakich Co., Ltd.

Nguan Yau Huat Trading Co., Ltd.

T. Kijviboon Trading Ltd.

Bangkok Package Industry Co., Ltd.

The Eastern Industrial Co., Ltd.

Eiamkit Trading Co., Ltd.

Staedtler Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Thai K K Industry Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Teppattana Paper Mill Co., Ltd.

Thai Containers (TCC) Ltd.

Soft Plan (Thailand) Ltd.

Sahathai Awa Paper Co., Ltd.

Supatr Tanagorn Paper Mill Co., Ltd.

DHA Siamwalla Ltd. (Warehouse)

Terinex Siam Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Visypak Co., Ltd.

Banglane Paper Mill Co., Ltd.

C.L.S. Industrial Co., Ltd.

Union Carton Industry Co., Ltd.

Royal Art Printing Co., Ltd.

Thai Yazaki Electric Wire Co., Ltd. (Wad Care)

Charoen Aksorn Trading Co., Ltd.

Rung Ruang Ratana Printing Ltd.

Saengtawan (1994) Printing Co., Ltd.

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