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Italthai Mersen Co., Ltd.

Kangwal Textile Co., Ltd.

Pipat Dyeing Co., Ltd.

Darling Mattress Khonkan Co., Ltd.

Rama Textile Industry (1988) Co., Ltd.

Raja Uchino Co., Ltd. (Suksawad Factory)

TTL Industries Public Co., Ltd.

Union Textile Industries Public Co., Ltd.

Luckytex (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Thai Textile Industry Public Co., Ltd.

New Unit Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Narula Thai Co.,Ltd

YKK (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

Charoon Thai Silk Ltd., Part.

Indo Rama Poly Industry PCL.

Bells Ribbon Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Hygiene Materials (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sunflag (Thailand) Ltd.

Thai Industries Development Co., Ltd.

Park Chong Jute Mill Co., Ltd.

The Jim Thompson Thai Silk Co., Ltd. (Suriwongse)

Espreme Co., Ltd.

P.N. Thep Charoen Ltd., Part.

Four Seas Garment Co., Ltd.

Thai Far East Co., Ltd.

Soon Hua Lee Textile Ltd., Part. (Thai Nam Choke)

Computer Label Worldwide Co., Ltd.

Thai Alliance Textile Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Siam Corral Co., Ltd.

Bongo Logic Co., Ltd.

Luckytex (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. (Factory 3)

Mandarin Spinning Industry Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Luckytex (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. (Factory 2)

Norton (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Rikhitex Co., Ltd.

Classic Lanna Thai Ltd., Part.

Ming Hen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Indo-Thai Synthetics Co., Ltd.

International Trading Development Corp., Ltd.

Hi-Q International Co., Ltd.

Siam Goodwill Trading Co., Ltd.

Siam Micro Works 1994 Co., Ltd.

Chiem Patana Synthetic Fibers Co., Ltd.

Pakarang Export Co., Ltd.

Silk Avenue Co., Ltd.

Thai Alliance Textile Co., Ltd.

Thai Standard Rice Co., Ltd.

Primatex Lace Co., Ltd

Thaipan Textile Industry Co., Ltd.

Rama Fabrics Ltd., Part.

Sri Thakral Enterprise Ltd. Part.

Pahn-Chuen Co., Ltd.

Utax F.M. Co., Ltd.

Fair Textile (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

TTL Industries Public Co., Ltd. (Factory Rangsit)

Thai Nam Plastics Public Co., Ltd.

Jong Stit Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Hang Nai Chand

K.M. Dao Rung Impex Co., Ltd.

Khurana Store Co., Ltd.

Altex Co., Ltd.

Phorncharoen Gandhi Brother R.O.P.

Jong Pattana Co., Ltd.

Nida Trading (1997) Co., Ltd.

Bayer Thai Co., Ltd. (Bangpoo Plants)

Bamboo Supply & Service Co., Ltd.

Thai Win Fiber Industry Co., Ltd.

Chin Joo Heng Co., Ltd.

Thai Textile Printing (1980) Co., Ltd.

Thanapaisal Ltd., Part.

Siam Feather Products Co., Ltd.

Sunnex Industrial Co., Ltd.

Travel Mart Co., Ltd.

Teijin Polyester (Thailand) Ltd.

Sribhan Jacob Co., Ltd.

Tafong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Siam Synthetic Textile Industry Co., Ltd.

T.U.C. Elastic Co., Ltd.

Siam Synthetic Textile Industry Co., Ltd. (Factory)

NSSBCT Coil Center Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Poly Foam Co., Ltd.

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