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Ampa Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Gemini (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

JSBY Fiberglass Products Co., Ltd.

Sawasdichote Ltd., Part.

Suthee United Carbon Co., Ltd.

Pro Excel Co., Ltd.

Naraipak Co., Ltd.

Fuji Ace Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Tang Charoen Industry Co., Ltd.

Reangwa Standard Industry Co., Ltd. (Sales Office)

Wah Tech Industrial Co., Ltd.

Prepack Thailand Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Gunkul Engineering Co., Ltd.

Ratchada Static Co., Ltd.

Sheico (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Amporn Design International Co., Ltd. (Saha Sticker)

Inca Plastics (Thailand) Ltd.

The Siam Cement Public Co., Ltd

Thai Formosa Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. (Office)

American Standard B&K (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.

Tiger Poly (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

JCP Plastic Ltd., Part.

Thai Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Picnic Plast Industrial Co., Ltd.

Reangwa Standard Industry Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Toho Foam (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Homewell Marketing Co., Ltd.

Thai Nam Plastics Public Co., Ltd.

Sinanant Plastic Co., Ltd.

Thai Feng Co., Ltd.

Thai Formosa Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Imco Food Pack Co., Ltd.

Wang Pack Co., Ltd.

K. Kajornrat Inter Co., Ltd.

Rich Port Co., Ltd.

Charoensilp Plastic Ltd., Part.

Bangkok Foam Co., Ltd.

Hoonkwang Engineering Ltd., Part.

CVP Plastic Co., Ltd.

Chun Wang Brother Tannery R.O.P. (Factory)

Thai Union P.U. Co., Ltd. (Factory)

The Siam Fibre-Cement Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Thermaflex Insulation Asia Co., Ltd.

General Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd.

SunFlower Group

Chok Anant Plastic Co., Ltd.

B.L. Intermart Co., Ltd.

CSPC Plastech Industrial Co., Ltd.

The Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

Cotco Plastics Co., Ltd.

Thai Master Pack Co., Ltd.

Poly World Co., Ltd.

Eastern Polymer Industry Co., Ltd.

TPN FlexPak Co., Ltd.

A.K. Pack And Machinery Co., Ltd.

Bangkok Paiboon Pipe Co., Ltd.

Computer Label Worldwide Co., Ltd.

The Siam Cement Public Co., Ltd.

POF Pacific Co., Ltd.

Multibax Public Co., Ltd. (Sales Office)

T.R.C. Polypack Co., Ltd. (Office)

T.R.C. Polypack Co., Ltd. (Factory II)

Powerful Plastic Co., Ltd.

Alpine Foods Co., Ltd.

Nissei Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Munekata Plastic Co., Ltd

Sirikomol Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Pacific Polysack Industry Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

The Pilot Pen (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Srithepthai Corporation Ltd.

YPA (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Civica (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

The Siam Fibre-Cement Co., Ltd.

Siam Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

World Premier Co., Ltd.

SSI Schaefer Systems International Co., Ltd.

Aqua Nishihara Corporation Ltd.

Asahikasei Plastics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Nice & Rich Creation Co., Ltd.

C.P. Packaging Industry Co., Ltd.

Thai Vinyl Co., Ltd.

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