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K.Rungrueng Construction Co., Ltd.

Pool & Spa Co., Ltd.

Progressive Building Management Co., Ltd.

Pacific & Orient Co., Ltd.

Thanomwongse Service Co., Ltd.

Toyo-Thai Corporation Ltd.

Nesic (Thailand) Ltd.

Thai Obayashi Corporation Ltd.

Thai Maeda Corporation Ltd.

See Sang Karnyotah (1979) Co., Ltd.

McConnell Dowell (Thailand) Ltd.

KPC Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Infinity Services Co., Ltd.

Seacon Co., Ltd.

Samsung Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) Ltd.

Thaigypsum Co., Ltd.

S.P. Demolition Ltd., Part.

Nantawan Management Co., Ltd.

Prompt Techno Service Co., Ltd.

Intensive Mechanics Co., Ltd.

Goldplan Development Co., Ltd.

9 P Intertrade Co., Ltd.

J.D. Pools (Koh Kaew) Co., Ltd. (Phuket)

Fire Ready Co., Ltd.

CEL Engineers Ltd.

Rungfahserm Corporation Ltd.

Phuket Built Co., Ltd.

Home Plus Service Co., Ltd.

SNMC Joint Venture

Focus Development and Construction Public Co., Ltd.

J.D. Pools (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Modernform Group Public Co., Ltd. (Factory)

Jeradellee Co., Ltd.

Fu-Den Engineering Co., Ltd.

Supmongkol Co., Ltd.

Slin Hardware Ltd., Part

P. Construction and Materials Co., Ltd.

Thai Daiho Co., Ltd.

Chaiyapruek Standard Co., Ltd.

V.S. Engineering & Construction Ltd.

3D Housing Co., Ltd.

Civil Teach Design & Consultant Co., Ltd.

Zenith Development Consultants Ltd.

S.S. Suan (Bangkok) Co., Ltd.

Jitpisut Construction Co., Ltd.

Chubb (Thailand) Ltd. (Head Office)

Firstfirm United Co., Ltd.

Bilfinger + Berger Representative Office

Australian-Thai Construction Co., Ltd.

Qualitech Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

Freyssinet (Thailand) Ltd.

V. Makvarn Co., Ltd.

Pronkasaem Construction Ltd., Part.

Berko Co., Ltd.

Charndell Associates Co., Ltd.

Prebuilt Public Co., Ltd.

Senior Engineering Co., Ltd. (M.U.K . Marketing)

Direkrat Construction Ltd., Part.

Central Aluminium Co., Ltd.

The Architect And Turnkey Co., Ltd.

Property Care Services (Thailand) Ltd. (PCS)

I.F.T. Trading Ltd., Part.

Aiem Engineering Ltd., Part.

Modernform Group Public Co., Ltd.

Dan Siam Civil Ltd., Part.

Srisin Construction Ltd.,Part

Preeda Construction Ltd., Part.

Plastic Phan Co., Ltd.

Chinnaroj Co., Ltd.

S.P.N. Technical Co., Ltd.

Raja Engineering And Construction Co., Ltd.

Rojsin Construction Co., Ltd.

Duangsaengsuwan Construction Co., Ltd.

Civil Master Group Co., Ltd.

Parex Davco (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Topco Bored Pile Co., Ltd.

Taisei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sermsanguan Construction Co., Ltd.

Greatwall Insulation Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.

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